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Immediate Help Needed

Hi All,

I live in Ferguson, MO and teach at Villa Duchesne.  I have a mostly upper class, white student population but we have made some advances recruiting African American students.  How would you teach about the shooting of Michael Brown and the corresponding social injustices that underly this horrible situation without putting spotlight on or alienating the African American students?  All help or resources appreciated!!!!!!  My principal doesn't want me to go right into it this week (we start tomorrow) but I want to address it soon.

CST Unit for High School Seniors

Hello All - I am looking for suggestions on lessons, projects, activities, websites, etc that aid in making Catholic Social Teaching more 'user friendly' for high school seniors. After we return from Christmas break I have 7 classroom days to use for this purpose. Any suggestions on great lessons or interactive projects/activities?

Simulation on Unjust labor practices

I am trying to find a 40-80 (or thereabout) minute simulation that helps high school students to understand some of the injustices within the labor market in the United States.  If anyone can give me some guidance, I'd appreciate it.



Top Ten Social Media Competencies for Teachers.

  1. Help students use educational networking tools to solve information problems and communicate digitally with experts, peers and instructors.
  2. Know the major Web 2.0 categories and tools that are useful in the K-12 setting. Know which tools are provided/supported by one's school.
  3. Use educational networking sites to communicate with teaching peers, students and parents.
  4. Navigate, evaluate and create professional content on networking sites.
  5. Use online networking to create, maintain and learn from a personal learning network.

How do you structure your social justice class?

Hi All,

Looking for a book or resource that talks about the revolutionary/radical nature of the early Christian Church

Hi Everyone,

This summer, I'm looking for a book that shows that the early Church was radical/revolutionary in carrying out the social justice teachings of Jesus.  I'd like to show the students that the early Church was persecuted, in part, because of their different lifestyle that incorporated resistance to the Roman concept of justice.  Thanks and Happy Summer to All!  John Powell

Looking for summer reading books on social justice for middle school students

I am looking for recommendations for summmer reading on Social Justice for students entering 7th and 8th grade.  Last year, my students read Be The Change  by 15 year old Zach Hunter.  The students did not seem to enjoy it.  I am looking for something that is enjoyable, but will make them think a bit outside their comfort zone.  Any suggestions would be greatly  appreciated!

New teacher looking for resources


I am a new teacher looking for high school material on poverty as the underlier issue

of violence.  I am looking for resources on this topic to teach a Contemporary Social Issues course.

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