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10 great ways to use blogs in the classroom

You may like to start a class blog to….
· To have students respond to ideas or content raised in class
· To create a portfolio of their thinking over time
· To post prompts for critical thinking or journaling
· To post examples of good student work and encourage and motivate students
· To provide links to online news items or articles to have students read, think, , engage, write and react.
· To gather and organize internet resources for a specific topic
· To post photos related to a subject or topic and comment on why that photo connects – use photos as metaphor, as illustration, as thought provoking, etc
· To post a “prayer starter” and see how students respond – collect prayers, use them in class, create a class “prayer book” by the end of the year.
· To post a discussion topic for homework and assign students at least one response to class topic and one response to another student’s comments
· To post deadlines or project goal targets and have students update you on their progress and percentage of tasks completed or achieved
· To get student reactions to thought-provoking questions
· To post journal entries
· To summarize what they most interesting about a particular unit or topic of study
· To engage other student voices than simply the ones raised in class
· To really explore what they think themselves and why they think it – in other words, to make thinking visible.