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How do you structure your social justice class?

Hi All,

I'm thinking about my social justice class for the year.  Traditionally, I've followed a textbook and they have intro chapters and then chapters on specific issues like poverty.  Then I started doing my own "intro unit" over the first quarter (I get a whole year to teach the class!), then do issue units, teaching the 7 Themes of Catholic Social Teaching along the way.  I also have a big social action project where they write a short research paper on a social injustice, then do a simple social action campaign in groups of 2 to 7, then report back to their class with a power point.  I still want to do the project (which takes a lot of time) but I was thinking of structuring the class around certain questions (like when is it just to break the law? What is a human right?) rather than issues or the themes.  But I thought I would ask what other people do....Thanks, John Powell