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Catholic Social Teaching

Catholic Social Teaching is the church's presentation and articulation of its reflection on human beings in society. It takes into consideration the various arenas that encompass life in society, including the political, economic, social, and cultural. It sets about naming the realities confronting persons and societies at a given point in time, highlighting the benefits and dangers those realities present to full human flourishing, and critiquing those realities and developments from the point of view of the values and moral vision of the Catholic faith.

Catholic Social Teaching is an essential element of faith and a key resource providing principles for reflection, criteria for judgment, and guidelines for action.

A wide range of resources can be found on this page to provide the background necessary to deepen your own knowledge and understanding of the social teaching so that you might pass it on to others.

  • Pastoral Circle Resources can provide valuable tools to help explore the root causes of injustice and lead people to hope-filled action rather than paralysis.  ("See, Judge, Act)
  • Background Resources explaining the basics of Catholic Social teaching can be found by clicking the background resource menu bar at the top.
  • Encyclicals and Documents provide the full text of the various documents can comprise the body of writings referred to as "Catholic social teaching."  Summary outlines are also provided.
  • Catholic Social Teaching Principles provide succinct summaries of the core themes of the teaching.  A variety of content formats and useful resources explore and develop the significance of these principles over time.