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Education for Justice is guided by the four moments of the Pastoral Circle: experience, analysis, reflection, and action. We hope the articles, reports, and videos posted below will help you to participate in the first moment of the Pastoral Circle: experience.

Then, we hope you will participate in the next two moments of the Pastoral Circle—analysis and reflection—by exploring our growing library of resources on topics related to these articles.

Finally, we encourage everyone to live out the fourth moment of the Pastoral Circle—action—by visiting our Act Now page.


Recent News


Balm of loving kindness: antidote in a time of fear

A National Catholic Reporter article from October 9, 2018.


World in mental health crisis of ‘monumental suffering’, say experts

A Guardian article from October 9, 2018.


Wake Up, World Leaders. The Alarm Is Deafening.

A New York Times article from October 9, 2018.