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Interdisciplinary Connections

Catholic Social Teaching Across The Curriculum

In the document Sharing Catholic Social Teaching: Challenges and Directions, the U.S. Catholic Bishops bring attention to the "urgent task" of incorporating "Catholic social teaching more fully and explicitly into Catholic educational programs."

"If Catholic education and formation fail to communicate our social tradition, they are not fully Catholic."

Catholic Social Teaching Across The Curriculum

While recognizing "the commitment and creativity of so many educators and catechists who already share our social tradition in their classrooms and programs", the Bishops "encourage a fuller integration of the Church's social tradition into the mainstream of Catholic education and catechesis . . . The commitment to human life and dignity, to human rights and solidarity, is a calling all Catholic educators must share with their students. It is not a vocation for a few religion teachers, but a challenge for every Catholic educator and catechist."


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Additional Resources:

Many of you are already sharing Catholic Social Teaching in your classrooms. This section features lesson plans and curricula from you, our audience. Please contact us if you would like us to highlight your efforts.

  • Integrating Catholic Social Teaching in the Catholic School, William J. Hudson
    William J.Hudson is the Assistant Executive Director of the Secondary Schools Department of the National Catholic Educational Association.
  • High School Unit on Women and the "No Sweat" Campaign, Archdiocese of Chicago
    The Archdiocese of Chicago Office for Peace & Justice and Office of Catholic Schools have created a high school unit on women's rights, labor rights and sweatshops. The three primary goals of the unit are 1) to understand a general history of labor unions in the United States, 2) evaluate labor standards, practices and working standards unique to women, and 3) analyze current case studies and ways to react to poor working conditions.
  • Social Studies Curriculum Guide, Sister Joan M. Berninger, Diocese of Las Cruces Catholic Schools
    In the diocese of Las Cruces, New Mexico, Sister Joan M. Berninger and her staff have successfully created a Social Studies curriculum which incorporates not only state standards for social studies in its lessons, but aspects of Catholic Social Teaching.
  • Discussion Guidelines
    This resource may be used in a variety of group and classroom settings as an introductory activity to facilitate the process of educating for justice.