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Prayer of Accompaniment



God of Mercy and Consolation,

You call us to walk with our migrant sisters and brothers

As they journey from lands drenched

With poverty and the blood of war,

To lands teeming with freedom,

New opportunities, and renewed trust.


Move us to respond to the Gospel call

Of receiving and integrating, in the best possible way,

The growing numbers of migrants and refugees arriving

On our shores and across our borders.


Grant us a creative wisdom to find the right balance

Between the moral responsibility to protect the rights of citizens

And to ensure assistance, acceptance, and the dignity of migrants.


Guide us in our work with others

As we discover dignified solutions to the migration crisis

That will affect all societies and peoples.


Inspire us to invest our energies, time, and resources

In the pastoral and social needs of our migrant sisters and brothers.


Bring warmth to all migrants,

Replace their weariness with a resilience

To resist the temptation of despair

and the urge to be robbed of hope and joy.


Fuel in the hearts of world leaders a desire to implement policies

That allow for safe migration, just migrant working conditions,

And an end to detention of asylum seekers, while protecting national safety.


Finally, we ask that the Gospel of Mercy continue to trouble our consciences,

Preventing us from growing immune to the suffering of others.” Amen.

— Dianna Ortiz, O.S.U.

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