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Extinguishing the Fire of Human Trafficking



God, we come to you blinded by our indifference.

The practice of human trafficking is known

In every country, every city, and town.


Still, many of us choose to remain

In the gated security of a false, pristine world, Untouched by this sin against human dignity. Worries of being kidnapped and sold for our labor Or as sex workers are at best distant thoughts.


We imagine ourselves to be insulated

From this uncontainable fire that spreads in our midst.


O God, open our eyes to these false securities

That govern our lives and separate us

From those in need of compassion, healing, and justice.


May we come to know that our silence

And indifference facilitate their victimization.


Give us the courage to walk into dangerous waters

By calling to accountability those who profit from human trafficking.


May our words of denunciation, our nonviolent actions,

And our tears of outrage rain down with such force

That the uncontainable fire of human trafficking is extinguished From this generation and for all generations to come. Amen.


—Dianna Ortiz, O.S.U.

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