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Prayer After Charlottesville



Oh God, with anguish

We pray that we may find ways

To move forward towards the light.

Not back into the the shadows

Of hatred, violence,

And the silence that protects it.


We pray for the wisdom

To know how to move ahead.

We recognize that evil

Can overtake a nation,

As history reveals;

We recognize too that

Reconciliation is possible,

That peace can flourish

Where once hate and violence reigned.


We pray that all citizens of good will

Speak out again and again

So the sound of Your justice

Drowns out the cries of hatred,

The deafening silence that protects it.


May we as a nation form a circle,

Inclusive, with no top or bottom,

Where we can welcome everyone

With outstretched hands.


May our circle grow ever larger,

More hands open, holding another’s palm,

Realizing we are holding on to the hope

Pope Francis calls us to

If we can see we are all connected. Amen.


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