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Charleston: A Prayer








Copyright © June 2015 



God of All, We are tempted by despair

As we reflect on yet another act of intolerance and violence,

As we mourn for your children, slain in a house of prayer.

May they rest in peace.


We grieve for their families, their church, their community.

May they know healing as they practice reconciliation.

We grieve for our nation, still enmeshed in the old, old hatreds.

We grieve for ourselves, for allowing the killing to continue.


Tempt us to hope, O Lord, in your great compassion,

Hope expressed not through words alone

But through actions and advocacy that reveal the old, old wisdom:

“Love your neighbor as yourself.”


Let us love with a fierce passion for justice,

With a firm commitment to say no to all forms of racism,

To say no to guns and weapons of violence.

Let our grief unite us as we turn our faces to You.


God of All, send your Spirit to move us 

To become active peacemakers, and

To honor those who died in Charleston 

With the hope that we can end this tragedy of hate and violence. Amen.


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