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Prayer for Students Against Gun Violence

Bless our young people as they work

With wild hope to end gun violence,

To stop the slaughter, and to restrict

The proliferation of weapons in this country.


Bless these students, impatient for justice,

With both passion in the present,

And patience for the long haul,

The difficult labor of changing systems and structures.


Bless these students who want to be

The change they wish to see in this country.

Help them hold on to the wisdom that

The way to peace is through peaceful confrontation.


Bless these young adults, their teachers, parents,

Community members and all who support them

In solidarity for the common good,

All coming together to advocate for nonviolence.


Bless us as we strive to build a legacy

Of working for justice and peace,

So they may learn from our struggles

And keep speaking truth to power. Amen.

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