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Prayer for Families at the Border




In our tragic, terrible new version of Scripture,

We see the sacrifice of the Holy Innocents

To feed the mad hunger of power

Determined to assert itself over

The threat of a reign of love Incarnated.


Christ, we ask you to guide us

Through this nightmare at the border,

We ask you to strengthen our voices,

To give us the courage to speak out strongly

In this shameful historical moment

When children are pawns

And your commandment to love the neighbor,

Your challenge to welcome the stranger

Are so easily dismissed by those who use your name.


Christ, we ask you to ground us in your inclusive love,

So we may stand firmly against the abusive actions

That tear families apart and warehouse children

Sick with fear and longing in a hostile land.

May we speak out and stand up to end the suffering

Of your beloved little ones, so they may once again

Know the embrace that is their sacred birthright. Amen.


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