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Prayer as John XXIII and John Paul II are canonized




In Celebration of Saints John XXIII and John Paul II 


We celebrate you, brothers in Christ, and we ask your intercession

To inspire us as we continue your work to build a world of justice and peace.


You guided our church to be open to the world,

To see that a global human community was possible,

And that all people of faith and goodwill must work together

To safeguard human dignity and human rights.


You taught us to return to the Scriptures to understand discipleship

And to understand the call of Christ in reaching out in an inclusive way

To all who hunger and need to be fed,

To all who suffer and need to be healed,

To all who endure violence and long for peace.


You helped us look closely at the signs of the times,

To see God’s grace working in the world

And to discern how we may play a role and

Be God’s co-creators in building a more just world.


You prompted us to be in solidarity

With all those who struggle for the transformation

Of sinful structures and systems that inhibit full life and dignity,

To recognize and support the struggles of peoples and groups

Who are oppressed anywhere in the global community.

You bought our attention to the centrality of economic justice


In the development of God’s Kingdom

And helped us understand the violence of economic policies and systems

That do not put people before profit,

That do not make the just distribution of the resources of God’s Creation

A sacred priority.


We are grateful that you spoke clearly and forcefully

About the essential of role the work of justice and peace

In the life of the church and in our daily life,

That the new evangelization that the modern world needs

Must be the Good News of God’s compassion in the form

Of justice and peace for all members of the human family.


Brothers in Christ, we are grateful for your development

Of Catholic Social Teaching as our guide

In a difficult and dark time,

And your for your belief that hope and joy are possible

As we are continuously called to the co-creation of God’s Kingdom.




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