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Prayer for Global Solidarity

By: Education for Justice

O Creator,
Our world is large, and yet the global community is so fragile.
We glimpse the needs of our sisters and brothers,
And those needs are great.
We want to turn away, but you call us back.
We want simple solutions,
But you want us to help solve the complex problems.
Through your church, you call us to listen, to learn, to reflect and to act.
Give us a deep sense of our place in this web of Creation.
Give us the wisdom of mind And generosity of heart
To seek your will in the world today.
Inspire us to respond to the call of your servant, Pope John Paul II,
As he calls us to solidarity with impoverished countries of the world,
So that all children of God mightlive in dignity and peace.

Type of content: Prayer
Principles and Topics: Global Solidarity