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For Those in Poverty

By: Education for Justice

God of justice and compassion,

We ask forgiveness for the widening gulf between rich and poor,
For the use of money as a measure of all things,
For the culture of self-gratification,
For the continuing disparities between those that have so much and those who have so little.
And for the suffering of those people who are excluded from the table of abundance.

Forgive us for our focus on material goods,
And our part in the worship of economic growth
In a world where resources are limited
and where we are already using more than our fair share.

Forgive us for going along with what is easy,
For failing to come to grips with the problems of change
And to engage in the complexity of social issues.

Fill us with a living faith that we may become lively seeds of your kingdom,
Continually growing in your way of love,
Instruments of personal and social reconciliation,
Vehicles for a new dawn when those in poverty
Are welcomed to the table where compassion and justice meet.

Lord, in your mercy,
Hear our Prayer.

Based on a prayer by Alan Litherland

Type of content: Prayer
Principles and Topics: U.S. Poverty | Preferential Option for the Poor and Vulnerable