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God's Eternal Hope

By: Oscar Romero, S.J.

God keeps on saving history.
And so, in turning once again
to the episode of Christ's birth at Bethlehem,
we come not to recall Christ's birth twenty centuries ago,
but to live the birth here,
in the twentieth century, this year,
in our own Christmas, here in [name of your country].
By the light of these Bible readings
we must continue all the history
that God has in his eternal mind,
even to the concrete events
of our abductions,
of our tortures,
of our own sad history.
This is where we are to find our God.


- Oscar Romero, SJ, December 24, 1978

Week after week, for three years, Archbishop Oscar A. Romero cried out against the murder and torture practiced by the government's military regime and exhorted his people to seek peace and forgiveness. He was assasinated on March 24, 1980 and became known across the world as a fearless defender of the poor and suffering.

Type of content: Prayer
Other tags: General social justice prayers