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Overview and Background Resources

  • Catholic Social Teaching Overview
    For an overview of Catholic Social Teaching this background resource provides highlights of the basics and a clear summaries. More
  • Context and Methodology
    The context out of which Catholic Social Teaching has a significant influence on what you will hear in the document. Learn about the significance of keeping the context in mind as you read a document as well as the shift in methodology.
  • An Essential Part of Faith
    This two-page downloadable resource explains why Catholic Social Teaching is essential to our Faith, and includes insightful quotations from both the Catechism of the Catholic Church and Pope John Paul II's Centesimus Annus. More
  • Biblical Foundations of Justice
    This resource is designed to lay the groundwork for understanding the biblical foundations of justice. It is meant to provide an overview in broad strokes so that a proper framework is understood for the ongoing struggle for justice. Grounding an understanding of our own call to discipleship within an understanding of biblical justice is essential for understanding God’s ongoing revelation. More
  • The Two Feet of a Christian -- Justice and Charity
  • Resources en Español
    A number of resources are available in Spanish. Click here to see them.

Overview Items: