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Global Climate Change

The Gift of Creation , by: Dianna Ortiz, O.S.U. and Anna Misleh

This artistic reflection uses quotes from the U.S. Bishops’ statement Global Climate Change: A Plea for Dialogue, Prudence, and the Common Good. To view this resource, click here:

A Prayer for Our Earth , by: Pope Francis

Copyright © 2016, Education for Justice, a project of Center of Concern.  ...more

United Nations Climate Change Convention

This fact sheet includes a summary of the upcoming climate change talks in Paris that will focus on a universal agreement on environmental regulations for the participating countries.  Copyright ...more

Be Praised for Creation

This prayer is a modern version of the St. Francis “Blessed Be” prayer that is referenced in the opening of Pope Francis’ new encyclical on ecology. It celebrates the themes of this significant ...more

Reflection on the World's Oceans , by: Dianna Ortiz, O.S.U.

World Oceans Day is celebrated around the world on June 8th. Pause for a moment and reflect on the beauty and the impact of human actions on God’s oceans and marine life: ...more

Our Divine Work: Cosmic Preservation

Pope Francis reminds us that "work is combined with the preservation of creation." This prayer service includes readings from Scripture, CST documents, and a litany of praise to our Creator God and fo...more

Earth Day Reflection - April 22

This Earth Day reflection highlights the 2015 theme and includes supporting statements from the Catholic social teaching perspective. It includes a prayer for Earth Day and links to a variety of resou...more

Prayer Service for Earth Day - April 22

The prayer service for Earth Day includes readings from Scripture, Catholic social teaching documents, and Pope Francis on the environment. Included is a litany of praise to our Creator God and for th...more

Prayer for the Environmental Common Good , by: Jane Deren, Ph.D.

This short prayer reminds us that we the air we breathe and the water we drink sustain us. We lament our role in harming our environment and call on our Creator to “move us into action to save our e...more

Climate Change Reports: A Call to Discipleship

Two recent reports on Climate Change confirm that God's gift of Creation is being damaged. More people are suffering and will suffer with changing weather patterns, sea rising, etc. As disciples and ...more
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