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God’s Mercy Has Entered the Heart: Pope Francis’s Homily in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico , by: Anna Misleh

This reflection is based on the words of Pope Francis’s Homily in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico on February 17, 2016. The message of his homily was how mercy can transform our lives and the lives of those ...more

Prayer for Migrants (English and Spanish)

With the global community, we pray for those who see home and all it means disappear as they flee violence, injustice, and poverty. We pray for those weary travelers who now live in daily insecurity. ...more

Feast of the Visitation: Immigrant Journeys

The young, pregnant Mary took risk to visit her cousin, and soon took greater risk with her husband and newborn child, becoming refugees in order to protect the son of God. We mark this feast by explo...more

Immigration Reform: "On 'Strangers No Longer'"

The recent book "On 'Strangers No Longer'" explores many facets of the historic 2003 pastoral letter on immigration from the bishops of Mexico and the United States. This guide provides 110 questions ...more

Immigration Reform: Resisting Indifference

The push for comprehensive immigration reform appears stalled in the House of Representatives. This update includes insights from Pope Francis and Archbishop Jose Gomez, along with a call for advocac...more

Immigration Reform

Congress will soon consider legislation to fix the broken U.S. immigration system.     Explore the issues through the lens of church teaching and prepare for more effective advocacy.   ...more

Film Discussion Guide: "abUSed: The Postville Raid"

abUSed: The Postville Raid explores the devastating effects of U.S. immigration enforcement policies on children, families, and communities. This two-page film guide includes questions for discussion ...more

“I Was a Stranger and You Welcomed Me”

This three-page prayer service is an invitation to reflect on what it means to welcome the stranger in our midst. It concludes with suggestions on ways to put one’s faith in service to action by ser...more

What Should We Know About Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals?

This six-page fact sheet highlights what we need to know about the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program launched by the Obama Administration in June of 2012. This program provides a t...more

Immigration and the 2012 Elections

The U.S. is a nation of immigrants, yet immigration remains one of the most contested issues in the current national debate. This bulletin insert includes reflections from Catholic Social Teaching on ...more
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