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Resource Finder

Find what you are looking for quickly by using the resource finder. You can begin your search in several convenient ways. As new resources are added to the site, they immediately become part of the searchable database. As new resources are added, they will be reflected in your search results.

Icon Key:

The icon indicators help you to quickly identify the type of resource content. Click here for help with the icons.

Resource Maps:

For a great overview of the kinds of resources available with one click, refer to the resource maps below which are organized by Catholic Social Teaching Principle, or by Social Justice topic.

  • Resource Maps of Catholic Social Teaching Principles - These maps provide a complete visual overview of all the resources available for a given principle and are sorted by content type. You can see what's there, click on the title and get right to the resource. Each principle has its own distinct map.
  • Resource Map of Social Justice Topics - The resource map lists the most requested social justice topics. By clicking on the topic name, you will see a complete list of related resources organized by content type.

Advanced Search:

The advanced search feature provides you greater ability to specify exactly what you are looking for. This site feature has been expanded and refined to promote easy access to the resources here.

Newest Resources & Most Requested Resources:

Not sure what you are looking for? Click on the Newest resources to see what's just been added, or check out the Most Requested resources to find out what other find helpful. Still not sure? Use the resource maps to get you started.