Prayerfully Reading the News

Prayerfully Reading the News  shares an opportunity that can help the reader consume media and news in thoughtful ways.

Web Quest: Solidarity and Option for the Poor and Vulnerable

This is a web quest resource based on Matthew 25. Participants are encouraged to look up faith based and national organizations to show how they are in solidarity with the poor, the vulnerable and...

Prayer for Discernment Amid the Noise

Prayer to help one navigating media and news amid the world and everyday distractions.

An Antidote to Despair Discussion Guide

A discussion guide that walks through an article from Commonweal Magazine highlighting Paul Farmer and his theology of accompaniment. The article, "An Antidote to Despair" ran in February 2022.

Catholic Social Teaching: Rooted and Renewing

The Catholic Social Teaching: Rooted and Renewing reflection invites us to consider how consciously making daily decisions from the perspective of CST, in solidarity with all those who suffer and all...

2022 Season of Creation Liturgical Guide

The 2022 Season of Creation Liturgical Guide was created to help integrate themes from the Season of Creation into liturgy during the month of September. The 2022 Season of Creation theme is Listen...

A Mercy Guide to Living Laudato Si'

A Mercy Guide to Living Laudato Si' is meant to help you reflect on and take action around the Laudato Si' Action Platform's seven goals. The guide is available in English and Spanish. This guide...

EFJ Justice and Peace Calendar 2022-2023

EFJ’s annual Peace and Justice Calendar is filled with notable dates for the 2022-2023 academic year. Links to EFJ resources are included to help you celebrate and remember individuals and social...

Human Dignity Reflection & Web Quest

This activity invites students to reflect on Genesis 1:26-27 and the concept of human dignity as a result of being made in the image of God.

After Buffalo, After Uvalde, After Tulsa

Film Discussion Guide
"After Buffalo, After Uvalde, After Tulsa" is the name of a dialogue hosted by the Georgetown Initiative on Catholic Social Thought and Public Life on gun violence in the United States. Use these...

Prayer Service for the Start of a New School Year

Prayer Service
This updated two-page prayer service provides a print-ready prayer service which sets a tone and calls on God's blessing for the new year of learning ahead. Prayer service includes readings from...

Video: Prayer to Begin Again

As we look to the end of the summer and prepare to begin another academic year, we pray that our spirits be renewed amid the uncertainty and anxiety in this difficult time of world...