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Resources for Prayer

Prayer candles

Prayer is conversation with God. Prayer is as necessary to the spiritual life as air is to the lungs. Through prayer we open ourselves to the presence of God and can be more consciously present to the needs of the entire human family.

Prayer is a way to raise consciousness about injustices around us and in our world. Prayer provides a pathway to keep justice issues before our groups and classes throughout the year.

All of our education for justice efforts, our outreach work, and our advocacy should be grounded in prayer and reflection. Prayer and reflection should lead us back to the world and help us discern our role in cooperating with God to bring to life a more just and equitable global community.

This resource section provides prayers and reflections on a wide range of topics, and also suggests prayers that can tie into holidays, holy days, and seasonal events. For saints and prayers of the day be sure to check out the Calendar feature.

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