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Earth Day Toolbox

This toolbox is a compilation of resources pertaining to Earth Day and the CST theme of care for God’s creation.





Bulletin Insert: Care for Creation

Fact Sheet: Ways to Go Green for Schools, Communities, Parishes, and Organizations

Interactive Materials: Reflecting with Laudato Si’ (

Prayer: Be Praised for Creation

Prayer: Peace to Our Earth 2013

Prayer: Earth Day 2016

A Prayer for Our Earth by Pope Francis

Prayer: Earth Day 2017

Prayer Service: Earth Day 2009

Prayer Service: Care for Creation: Earth Day 2010

Prayer Service: Earth Day 2015

Prayer Service for World Day of Prayer for Care for Creation

Reflection: Earth Day 2014

Reflection: Earth Day 2015

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Type of content: Toolbox
Principles and Topics: Care for God's Creation
Calendar: Secular Holidays