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Book Discussion Guide

Rutilio Grande: A Table for All , by: Irene Koo

Rhina Guidos’s book, Rutilio Grande: A Table for All, tells the remarkable story of Martyr Rutilio Grande, S.J., the priest who laid the foundations for a “new” Salvadoran Church, deeply influen...more

Immigration Reform: "On 'Strangers No Longer'"

The recent book "On 'Strangers No Longer'" explores many facets of the historic 2003 pastoral letter on immigration from the bishops of Mexico and the United States. This guide provides 110 questions ...more

The Good Bishop

Phyllis Theroux has written a comprehensive story of the courageous life of Bishop Walter Sullivan of Richmond, Va. This discussion guide explores his ministry and how he lived out Catholic Social Tr...more

Harvesting Justice: Book Discussion Guide

A new compendium about the food sovereignty movement gives us much to ponder about what we eat and how it is produced. This discussion guide provides starter questions, along with a link where you can...more

“A Good Man”

Sargent Shriver was a visionary peacebuilder who reflected God’s goodness in his public efforts and private moments. This memoir recalls Shriver’s values, and our guide explores his life in the co...more

Book Discussion Guide: Fordlandia

Greg Grandin’s book provides a fascinating study of Henry Ford’s complex character, while documenting the unraveling of his utopian vision for the Amazon. This book discussion guide includes conne...more

Book Discussion: To Kill A Mockingbird

This resource examines the historical context and connections with Catholic Social Teaching of Harper Lee's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel. ...more

Book Discussion Guide: "The Confession" by John Grisham , by: Robert Stewart

John Grisham's latest novel is topping the bestseller list and provides a wonderful opportunity to explore the issue of the death penalty in contemporary society.  This four-page discussion guide...more
Not On Our Watch

Book Discussion Guide: Not on Our Watch (Sudan) , by: Jane Deren, Ph.D.

  A gripping book on Darfur by John Prendergast and Don Cheadle offers an eye-opening look at what is happening in the region and why. This book discussion guide offers a short synopsis, highligh...more

Summer Reading List & CST , by: Sr. Katherine Feely, SND

You don’t need to leave home to travel to some remarkable places and encounter remarkable lives.  Reading is one of the best pastimes summer has to offer.  These recent works are worthy of...more
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