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Film Discussion Guide: A Wrinkle in Time , by: Dianna Ortiz, O.S.U.

This film is an adaptation of Madeline L’Engle’s timeless children’s novel that touches on the themes of friendship, self-acceptance, love, and loss. A synopsis, discussion questions, and connec...more

Film Discussion Guide: Hacksaw Ridge , by: Dianna Ortiz, O.S.U.

As we celebrate International Conscientious Objector Day on May 15, we remember the life of conscientious objector, Private Desmond T. Doss, who vowed to remain faithful to the commandment, “Thou sh...more

Film Discussion Guide: Sophie Scholl: The Final Days , by: Jane Deren, Ph.D.

Sophie Scholl was a German university student who spoke out about the failings of the Nazi regime despite the cost. This film discussion guide provides questions to reflect on her words and actions—...more

Film Discussion Guide: Black Panther , by: Jane Deren, Ph.D.

The Black Panther film discussion guide explores how the film represents human dignity, solidarity, the common good, and other values. It also asks the viewer to consider the role of violence in the f...more

Film Discussion Guide: The National Parks: America’s Best Idea , by: Jane Deren, Ph.D.

As we celebrate God’s Creation on Earth Day, this film guide for Ken Burn’s National Parks series offers reflection questions on the beautifully photographed documentary, whose visuals inspire gra...more

Film Discussion Guide: The Testimony , by: Dianna Ortiz, O.S.U.

The Testimony film discussion guide reviews a documentary about trial in Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) of 39 soldiers charged with gang raping of hundreds of women in the village of Minova in...more

Film Discussion Guide: Tricked , by: Anna Misleh

Tricked is a documentary based on real-life interviews with different people involved in sex trafficking; this film discussion guide offers questions guiding viewers to consider how the sin of exploit...more

Film Discussion Guide: Marshall , by: Jane Deren, Ph.D.

This film discussion guide helps viewers consider race relations when Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall was beginning his legal career in 1940 and what has changed, or not changed, today; the fi...more

Film Discussion Guide: Refugee Republic , by: Jane Deren, Ph.D.

Refugee Republic is an interactive online documentary that explores daily life in a Syrian refugee camp, showing not only the negative but also human dignity, resourcefulness, and creativity of refuge...more

Film Discussion Guide: The True Cost , by: Anna Misleh

This harrowing documentary tells the global story of the clothing industry and asks the question, “Who really pays the price for our clothing?” The principles of Catholic social thought and discus...more
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