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In Memory of Berta Cáceres (English and Spanish) , by: Jane Deren, Ph.D.

Berta Cáceres was murdered in 2016 for her outspoken advocacy as she sought environmental justice for her indigenous people in Honduras; this prayer remembers her sacrifice. Copyright © 2017, Educat...more

Film Discussion Guide: The Burning Season: The Chico Mendes Story , by: Anna Misleh

Chico Mendes was a Brazilian rubber tapper, trade union leader, environmentalist, and martyr. This film highlights Mendes’s work to end the destruction of the Amazonian rain forest and to organize t...more

Underside of History: “What Can I Do?” A Reflection on the Life of Brother James (Hermano Santiago) Miller, F.S.C. , by: Paul Joslin, F.S.C.

Hermano Santiago (Brother James Miller, F.S.C.) lived a life in solidarity with the people of Nicaragua and Guatemala until February 13, 1982 when he was shot dead. Brother Paul Joslin, F.S.C., a clos...more

Prayer Service for the Jesuit Martyrs

This prayer service calls us to look back on a tragedy of the past in order to find a brighter future. Although the execution of the six Jesuit priests and the two women was a horrifying event, we pra...more

Franz Jägerstätter: A Man of Courage and Conviction

Born on May 20, 1907, Franz Jägerstätter was a martyr for the faith, a conscientious objector, a husband and father of three. He was executed for his refusal to fight for Hitler. On June 1, 2007, Fr...more

Lectionary Reflections: Thirty-Third Sunday of Ordinary Time [c] November 17, 2013

Thirty-third Sunday of Ordinary Time [c] November 17, 2013 Copyright © 2013, Center of Concern ...more

Lectionary Reflections: Thirty-Second Sunday of Ordinary Time [c] November 10, 2013

Thirty-Second Sunday of Ordinary Time [c] November 10, 2013 Copyright © 2013, Center of Concern ...more

In Memory: Monseñor Juan Gerardi

Human rights defender and martyr for peace, Bishop Juan Gerardi guided the Recovery of Historical Memory project, documenting human rights violations during Guatemala’s internal conflict.<--> ...more

"See, Reflect, Act" Companion to Romero Film , by: Jane Deren

This resource is a companion piece to the Film & CST discussion guide for the film, Romero.  This resource describes how to use the "See, reflect, act" methodology with the film and pro...more

Film Discussion Guide: Romero , by: Bill Raddell

The film, Romero, has become a classic in its depiction of a modern hero of social justice. In the film, set in the late 1970's, the civil war in El Salvador is heating up. This film guide provides ...more

Remembering Oscar Romero , by: Central America/Mexico Report

This newsletter, by Central America/Mexico Report, provides in-depth historical information about about Archbishop Oscar Romero and the nuns who died in El Salvador. ...more