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Service Learning Resources


Newest Resources:

Service Learning Integration Checklist , by: Katherine Feely, SND

Integrating classroom learning with service experiences is often an area where critical work is still needed. This resource is a two-page integration "Checklist" to see how well your program is integr...more

Service-Learning & Immersion Trips as Pilgrimage , by: Jane Deren

What happens after a service-learning experience or immersion trip is an essential educational and transformational opportunity. This three session process helps educators make the most of such oppor...more

Service, Part 8: Faith in Action , by: Ben Krause

This is the eighth and final reflection/group activity in the Service and Justice series and focuses on translating faith and experience into action. This is the eighth of an eight-part series. For...more

Service, Part 7: Understanding Justice , by: Ben Krause

This resource is seventh in the Service and Justice series, to help groups connect their service activities to social justice issues and root causes. To access the other resources in the series, go t...more

Service, Part 6: Called to Faith, Committed to Justice , by: Ben Krause

This is the sixth group reflection/activity in the Service and Justice series. Part 6 focuses on how action to change the flawed social structures and systems of the world is integral to our faith. ...more

Service, Part 5: Accepting Responsibility for Each Other , by: Education for Justice

This is the fifth resource in the "Service and Justice" series on how to weave service and Catholic Social Teaching more closely together. Part 5 focuses on humanity's responsibility for on...more