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Human Rights Through the Principles of Catholic Social Thought , by: Kathleen Bonnette, Th.D.

This series of resources explores the intersection of human rights and Catholic social thought and will be updated every month. Copyright © 2017, Education for Justice, a project of Center of Concern...more

Catholic Social Thought and Advocacy , by: Fred Kammer, S.J.

In this reflection, Fr. Fred Kammer offers some focused advice on discerning the best strategies for advocacy work. Copyright © 2017, Education for Justice, a project of Center of Concern. ...more

Catholic Social Thought and Taxes , by: Fred Kammer, S.J.

Fr. Kammer provides perspective on the role of taxes in light of Catholic social thought. Discussion questions, faith in action, and a prayer are included. Copyright © 2017, Education for Justice, a ...more

CST and SDGs: Clean Water and Sanitation , by: Jane Deren, Ph.D.

Access to water and sanitation are fundamental human rights. This reflection identifies Catholic social teaching on the rights to water and to sanitation and provides faith in action, reflection quest...more

Catholic Social Thought and Consumerism , by: Jane Deren, Ph.D.

From the beginning of the modern Catholic social thought in 1891, popes have cautioned that growing consumerism has been a threat to Human Dignity, Solidarity, the Option for the Poor, the Common Good...more

Catholic Social Thought and Disarmament , by: Jane Deren, Ph.D.

Five recent Popes have forcefully spoken out on the nuclear buildup for the last fifty years; this recourse reviews their concerns and focuses on Pope Francis’ most recent in-depth response. Copyrig...more

CST and SDGs: Affordable and Clean Energy , by: Jane Deren, Ph.D.

As Pope Francis has declared, we must move from fossil fuels to clean energy, ensuring that those in poverty have access to clean and sustainable energy for authentic human development. Copyright © 2...more

CST and SDGs: Life On Land , by: Jane Deren, Ph.D.

This reflection focuses on Goal 15 of the Sustainable Development Goals: to conserve and restore the use of ecosystems such as forests, wetlands, drylands, and mountains. Reflection questions, steps f...more

CST and SDGs: Life Below Water , by: Jane Deren, Ph.D.

This resource discusses the threats to our world’s oceans, seas, and aquatic life and offers quotes from Pope Francis on the importance of water for human flourishing.  Copyright © 2017, Educa...more

From Pope Paul VI to Pope Francis: Respect for Other Religions , by: Jane Deren, Ph.D.

This resource can be used to celebrate August 6th, the anniversary of Nostra Aetate, Pope Paul VI’s declaration on the relation of the Church to non-Christian religions.  Copyright © 2017, Edu...more
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