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Human Dignity

Human Rights Toolbox

This collection of revised resources celebrates Human Rights Day on December 10th.              Activity: CST, the UN, and Human Rights Timeline Activity: Creating...more

Catholic Social Thought and Human Dignity , by: Fred Kammer, S.J.

In this reflection, Fr. Kammer discusses the foundational principle in Catholic social thought on the dignity of the human person. Reflection questions and a prayer are included. Copyright © 2016, Je...more

World Mission Day, October 15 , by: Anna Misleh

World Mission Day is celebrated every year to celebrate missionaries in the Catholic Church and support them through prayer, action, and giving. This bulletin insert provides an overview of what World...more

International Public Service Day: Hearts and Hands for Others, June 23

International Public Service Day honors federal, state, and municipal employees around the globe. Use your heart and hands to give to others by serving in your community. Here are some suggestions. Co...more

Prayer and Reflections from the Archbishop of Baltimore on Injustice and Violence

On May 28, 2015, Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore, Maryland, held a public mass for peace in his city, calling for calm and good-faith dialogue in the wake of violent unrest fueled by the death of...more

Prayer Service: A Global Response to the Refugee Crisis

The Holy Family were refugees when they fled King Herod's wrath. The service includes quotes from Catholic Social Teaching and a prayer from Pope Francis. Copyright © 2015 -2016, Education for Justic...more

Digna Ochoa: Facing Injustice in Mexico

This resource invites us to reflect on the life of Digna Ochoa, an attorney and human rights defender from Mexico, who was assassinated in 2001 for defending victims of human rights abuses in her coun...more

Dolores Huerta: Woman of Justice - April 10

At 85, Dolores Huerta remains a woman of vision and courage, still speaking out for migrant workers, for women, and for all those whose human dignity and human rights have not been respected. This res...more

Remembering Blessed Archbishop Óscar Arnulfo Romero: The People’s Saint and an Outspoken Voice for Justice , by: Dianna Ortiz, O.S.U.

This prayer service commemorates the anniversary of Archbishop Romero’s death and includes the readings he used during his last Mass and part of his sermon. We celebrate our newly proclaimed martyr....more

Creative Voice: Celebrating African American History Month , by: Donna Toliver Grimes

Donna Toliver Grimes is a strong and courageous advocate for social justice. In this exclusive interview with Education for Justice, she shares her lived experiences of racism. She describes her life ...more
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