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Millennium Development Goals

Ending Global Poverty: UN MDG Update , by: By Lauren Tonon and Jane Deren

This two-page resource provides recent statistics on poverty, hunger, unemployment, and other ongoing challenges as reported in the 2011 UN Millennium Development Goals Update. ...more

Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Update , by: Katherine Feely/Jane Deren, PhD.

Ending Poverty in Our Time. The Millennium Development Goals consist of eight key targets set by world leaders to address and eliminate poverty by 2015. World leaders just met to assess their progre...more
Love in Truth

"Caritas in Veritate" Authentic Human Development , by: Katherine Feely, SND

Pope Benedict’s encyclical, Caritas in Veritate (Love in Truth) is an anniversary document marking the 40th anniversary of Populorum Progressio issued by Pope Paul VI in 1967. Benedict notes, “In...more

Water: Reaching the Millenium Development Goal? , by: Education for Justice

An important part of any discussion on poverty today must focus on the growing crisis related to the availability of water. This resource includes a quiz, fact sheet and discussion questions. ...more

United Nations Millenium Development Goals , by: Education for Justice

The fact sheet summarizes the basics of the UN Millenium Development Goals, an world-wide initiative to fight poverty. The resource includes an update on the progress made and connects the goals to cr...more

Prayer Service of Hope: The Millennium Development Goals , by: Education for Justice

A prayer service of hope connecting world realities with the millennium development goals. ...more

Prayer for the Millennium Goals , by: Jane Deren

In a world where so many go hungry,
Let us make the fruits of Creation
available for all.
In a world where one billion of our brothers and sisters
do no have safe drinking water,
Let us help the waters run clear.
In a world where so many children
die so young,
And so many mothers die in childbirth,
And so many families
are ravaged by disease,
Let us bring health and healing.
In a world where women carry
such heavy burdens,
Let us recognize and restore
the rights of all.

The Millennium Development Goals , by: Education for Justice

This resource includes basic facts about the Millennium Development Goals along with a prayer and discussion questions. ...more
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