U.S. Poverty

CST and Housing in a Time of COVID and Climate Change

Catholic Social Teaching has long taught that the right to decent housing is a fundamental human right that is necessary to promote the life and dignity of the human person. With new health and...

The Option for the Poor Quiz

This quiz asks questions and provides statistics about how COVID-19 affected poverty rates in the United States. Use this quiz to gauge student knowledge on poverty before beginning a new unit or...

Crossing the Big Divide: Bridging the Income and Wealth Gaps in Our Nation

Fact Sheet & Handout
In this presentation, Sr. Simone Campbell explains race-based income and wealth disparities, the historical causes of these inequalities, and the importance of addressing structural racism in...

Living CST: Robert F. Kennedy

Prayer Service
This prayer service uses quotes from Robert F. Kennedy, a transformed leader who spent his career as a politician putting the marginalized and impoverished at the center of his policy...

October 2018: Voices for Those in Poverty

This month’s calendar offers daily reflections and actions to celebrate EFJ’s theme for the month of October 2018: Rejoice and Be Glad: Voices for Those in Poverty.  

Prayer that All May Find a Home

As we mark World Homeless Day (October 10) and World Habitat Day (October 1), let us pray for those who do not have decent housing and the security of a home.  
Reflection_CST Environment and Poverty.jpg

Catholic Social Tradition, the Environment, and the Option for the Poor

This reflection discusses environmental ethics and the option for the poor and vulnerable within Catholic social tradition and identifies key Church documents that addressed the environmental...


Film Discussion Guide
In the film DREAM ON, political comedian John Fugelsang retraces the journey of Alexis de Tocqueville, whose study of our young country in 1831 came to define America as a place where anyone could...

The Call to Mercy: The Model of Dorothy Day

Dorothy Day used the Works of Mercy to guide her vocation of serving the homeless and poor in New York City. This prayer commemorates the beginning of the Year of Mercy and offers Dorothy Day as a...

Prayer for Those in Poverty

This prayer seeks to open hearts and minds to respond to the needs of those living in poverty so that all may have peace and dignity in their lives.  

Fed Up

Fed Up is a documentary exploring the roots of obesity in America's population, especially among today's youth, and the power of the sugar industry influencing this trend. The film also documents...
Entertaining Angels.jpg

Entertaining Angels: The Dorothy Day Story

Film Discussion Guide
Examining the life of Dorothy Day provides opportunities to explore our own journey to justice. Discussion questions unpack the meaning of her amazing life.