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Video: The Holy Family’s Migration Journey

This guided imaginative prayer invites you to enter into the nativity story from the perspective of the Holy Family and their migration journey. Explore how this 2,000-year-old story ties to issues of migration today.  The video reflection is available in English and Spanish.

The Holy Family’s Migration Story (English):

Huida da la Sagrada Familia (Español):


Rutilio Grande: A Table for All

Rhina Guidos’s book, Rutilio Grande: A Table for All, tells the remarkable story of Martyr Rutilio Grande, S.J., the priest who laid the foundations for a “new” Salvadoran Church, deeply influenced by the teachings of the Second Vatican Council and Medellín Conference. This book discussion guide includes connections to Catholic social thought themes, questions for reflection and discussion, a prayer, and additional resources.



Litany for Hispanic Heritage Month

This litany guides us to pray for immigrants in the U.S. from Latin and South America and for the peoples of Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Bolivia.  It also gives thanks for the gifts of their rich cultures and all they have contributed to the common good of the Americas.



Prayer for Colombia

Columbia is striving to move to reconciliation after decades of internal conflict. This prayer asks for blessings on the people of Columbia as they work for a just and peaceful rebuilding of a united national community.


Hispanic Heritage Month

This toolbox includes resources, both revised and new, celebrating our sisters and brothers from Central and South America:




Creative Voice: What it Means to Be Recognized in Culture and Contributions and Why it Matters by Ronaldo M. Cruz

Fact Sheet: Hispanic Heritage Month

Film Discussion Guide: Bless Me, Ultima

Lesson Plan: Hispanic Heritage Month

Litany for Hispanic Heritage Month

Litany: Mary, Mother of the Americas

Prayer Service for Children at the Border

Prayer Service: Hispanic Heritage Month


The Pastoral Circle

The four moments of the Pastoral Circle form the bedrock for Christian and other faith traditions around the world in responding to the challenges of communities, nations, and the world. This activity introduces the Pastoral Circle, then provides a worksheet that goes through the four moments, leading to an action that will create social change. This resource is available in English and in Spanish.