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Creative Voice

Remembering the World’s Disappeared , by: Jimmy Francisco Ortiz Rodríguez

In commemoration of the International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances (August 30), Creative Voice Jimmy Francisco Ortiz Rodríguez reflects on the impact his two uncles’ disappearances...more

Crossing Borders and Bridging Gaps Through Art , by: Elshafei Dafalla

Creative Voice Elshafei Dafalla shares how his vocation as an artist helps the marginalized in our global community, especially refugees and torture survivors. An interview with Elshafei and an activi...more

Learning to Live Gospel Nonviolence , by: M.J. and Jerry Park

M.J. and Jerry Park, co-founders of the non-profit organization Little Friends for Peace, share their reflections and tools on living Gospel Nonviolence. This resource includes practical strategies fo...more

Advertising Through a Social Justice Lens , by: Orlando Burgos Pimentel

Creative Voice Orlando Burgos Pimentel discusses effective advertising campaigns, from environmentalism to social justice, and the relationship between advertisements and Catholic social tradition. An...more

One Woman’s Courage to Break the Silence Surrounding Violence against Women , by: Catherine Teresa Harris

This interview with Catherine Teresa Harris, One Woman’s Courage to Break the Silence Surrounding Violence against Women, provides moving first-person testimony from a brave woman who has been on a ...more

A Journey of Healing and Reconciliation Through Restorative Justice , by: Catholic Mobilizing Network

Education for Justice's 2018 Lenten Reflections are offered by the Catholic Mobilizing Network, a national Catholic organization working to end the death penalty and promote restorative justice. These...more

A Call to Organizing and Activism: Learning From the Tree of Subsidiarity , by: Anthony Giancatarino

Creative Voice Anthony Giancatarino offers a personal reflection on how to overcome the fatigue of community organizing through subsidiarity. He suggests that instead of “doing something for others,...more

Lights, Camera, Advent! , by: Angel Mortel

In many ways, Advent unfolds as a film would. Creative Voice and former EFJ intern, Angel Mortel, works with Brave New Films producing social justice documentaries. “We go through Advent with the sa...more

Celebrating Thanksgiving with Lidia Bastianich , by: Lidia Bastianich

Once again, Lidia shares recipes for Thanksgiving! She invites us to gather together at the table and enjoy good food, family, and friends. Through food, we can nourish our bodies, come together as a ...more

Fostering a Culture of Peace Through Dialogue , by: Katie Busch

Teaching is a journey, like the journey toward Emmaus, and the spirituality of this vocation requires sensitivity and attention as teachers accompany their students toward knowledge and wisdom.  ...more
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