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Prayer for African American History Month

This prayer for African American History Month helps us to celebrate African American culture, mourn the long struggle against injustice and discrimination, and look with hope to the future. Copyright...more

In Memory of Rosa Parks, A Role Model for Justice and Peace

Rosa Parks sparked a movement by her courage; she was able to move beyond her fears and put herself on the line for human dignity and basic civil rights. This prayer serves as an invitation to take sm...more

World Day of Justice - February 20

In this prayer for the World Day of Justice, we are reminded that we need to see the injustices happening in the world and to envision the kind of world where God's justice is realized through our eff...more

Extinguishing the Fire of Human Trafficking

This prayer calls us to see, reflect, and act on the problem of human trafficking around the globe; to reject indifference; and to move beyond our comfort zones to bring this injustice to an end. Post...more

Prayer for the New Year

This prayer invites us to "stretch our souls" in the year ahead, seeing new possibilities for solidarity and hope. Posted December 2014 © Center of Concern ...more

Prayer for Migrants

January 4-10 marks National Migration Week. We pray for those who see home and all it means disappear as they flee violence, injustice, and poverty.  We pray for those weary travelers who now liv...more

The Magi: Moving into a New Year

This prayer reminds us that the Epiphany is not in the distant past, but that we need to be "always open to the unexpected flash of grace," to keep looking for God hidden in the frailest among us and ...more

Prayer to End trafficking: Human Trafficking Awareness - January 11

On January 11, Human Trafficking Awareness Day, we join with the global community in remembering all those who fall victim to human trafficking and to the effects of contemporary slavery which are fel...more

Prayer for Christian Unity - January 18

We pray to bring unity to our human community. We ask that we be healed and made whole as the family of God; we pray to draw deeper into communion with God and one another.   Posted December 2014...more

Vocation to Social Mission

This prayer is based on the Bishops' Conference document on Sacraments and Social Mission. It reflects on the meaning of the call of Baptism and Confirmation, and on the experience and challenge of th...more
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