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Honoring the Dignity of All Workers - May 1

This short prayer reminds us that all workers, even those in the most menial jobs, have dignity in the eyes of God as well as basic God-given rights. The prayer is also available in Spanish.   Co...more

Prayer for International Families Day – May 15

This prayer asks for compassion and mercy for all families and family members as they face daily challenges; we ask that all families know love and healing. The prayer is also available in Spanish. &n...more

Prayer for Pentecost – May 24

This prayer reminds us that God’s reign is here and now, that God is a God of hope and mercy who is with us throughout human history as the Spirit was with the disciples on the first Pentecost. &nbs...more

Prayer for Missing Children – May 25

May 25 is Missing Children's Day, and this prayer asks that parents of missing children and the children lost on refugee trails and separated from parents in conflict zones, will all know hope and the...more

Patient Trust , by: Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, S.J.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, S.J.’s prayer, Patient Trust, invites us to trust in the slow work of God and “to believe that God’s hand is leading you on your life’s journey."  Copyright ©...more

Prayer for the Lenten Journey

This prayer is a short reminder of "the hard truth" that the journey to the Light of Easter passes through the darkness of participating in the suffering of Christ. "We travel through deserts and desp...more

Good Friday: After Noon , by: Carlos Salinas

In the prayer: After Noon, Creative Voice, Carlos Salinas invites us to experience those hours when Christ suffered on the cross. With poetic images, the author helps us to participate in witnessing t...more

Prayer: The Suffering Christ in Our World

This prayer invites us to be present to the suffering of Christ in our World as we work, wait, and pray for the fullness we know in Christ. Posted March 2015 © Center of Concern ...more

The Prayer for The Remembrance of The Holocaust – April 17

This prayer invites us to focus on the sorrow and pain of the adults and children "who walked into the fire." We ask that our remembering be a prayer for their souls and a prayer for peace.  Post...more

Prayer for the Environmental Common Good

This short prayer reminds us that we the air we breathe and the water we drink sustain us. We lament our role in harming our environment and call on our Creator to “move us into action to save our e...more
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