Call to Community, Family, and Participation

Kino Community Conversation

Reflect on the opportunity of radical welcome through the lens of individuals engaged in work through Kino Border Initiative located in Nogales, Sonora, México.  This resource is centered around...

In Memory of Japanese Internment Camps

On February 19, 1942, President Franklin Roosevelt issued an executive order that authorized the evacuation of all persons who were deemed a threat to national security along the West Coast to be...

Discussion on Ending the Death Penalty with Sr. Helen Prejean

This guide is for use after viewing a recorded conversation around the death penalty, hosted by Catholic Mobilizing Network. The webinar featured Sr. Helen Prejean, Ohio death row exoneree Kwame...

Christmas Prayer: Help Us See You

A Christmas prayer rooted in encountering others.

Ethical Purchasing and Catholic Social Teaching

Read through this Ethical Holiday Purchasing guide to better understand the decisions you make around buying—especially during the holiday season. Begin to consider workers engaged in all phases of...

Film Discussion Guide: Flee

Film Discussion Guide
This film discussion guide provides questions to go along with the animated documentary, Flee.

When Every Night is Winter

A prayer for wintertime and Christmas from CRS.

Film Discussion - Going Home Like a Shooting Star

Film Discussion Guide
This discussion guide is based on the film, Going Home Like a Shooting Star: Thea Bowman's Journey to Sainthood. The documentary focuses on the life of Servant of God Sr. Thea Bowman, an African...

We Give Thanks

We Give Thanks is a prayer that can be used for personal prayer or in your community. 

Atoning for the Sins Against Indigenous People

A discussion guide based on the article, "Atoning for sins against Indigenous people begins with confronting the past. Red Cloud Indian School is showing the way." The article appeared in America...

Birth of a Movement: Black Lives Matter and the Catholic Church

Book Discussion Guide
This discussion guide is based on the book, Birth of Movement: Black Lives Matter and the Catholic Church written by Olga M. Segura. This guide focuses primarily on the chapter titled, "The March for...

Engaging the Filipino American Labor Movement through CST

Learn more about the Filipino American labor movement and the work of farm workers in California's Central Valley. Use the lens of Catholic Social Teaching and the understanding the rights of workers...