Liberation Theology


A Prayer for Blessed Rutilio Grande

We remember Blessed Rutilio Grande on the day of his beatification on January 22, 2022.

Prophets of Liberation: Moses and Saint Oscar Romero

Learn about the similarities between how Moses and Saint Oscar Romero were called to overcome fear and to use their voices prophetically. Then consider how you are being called to work as a prophet...

El Salvador

This collection of new and revised resources celebrates the many social justice heroes from El Salvador who have led the Church in its pursuit of social justice, human rights, and the dignity of...

Jon Sobrino, S.J.: A Witness of Mercy in a World of Conflict and Suffering

Prayer Service
This resource invites us to learn from the life of Jon Sobrino, S.J., a theologian known for his contributions to liberation theology and a principled leader who inspires us to live the Gospel of...

Gustavo Gutiérrez: Father of Liberation Theology

Fact Sheet & Handout
Learn more about Gustavo Gutiérrez, O.P., a Peruvian theologian who has contributed so much to our understanding of the option for the poor and its expression in Liberation Theology.  

Remembering the Medellin Conference

This two-page resource provides background on the Latin American Bishops' conference held in Medellin, Colombia in 1968. The conference marked a sea-change in the Latin American church, denouncing...