Role of Government and Subsidiarity

Education for Justice 2022 Summer Reading List

Fact Sheet & Handout
These recommendations for summer reading are organized by spiritual reading, non-fiction, and fiction. These works are connected to one or more themes of Catholic Social Teaching and highlight...

Resource List on the Relations of Indigenous Peoples and Catholics

Fact Sheet & Handout
This resource list provides suggested books, articles, and videos that teach about the legacy of colonization and the genocide of Indigenous Peoples in the United States and Canada. In particular,...

COVID-19 Pandemic for Native American and First Nations

In this video, Mia Murdock of Red Cloud High School and Rosella Kinoshameg of the Wiikwekoong First Nation are interviewed by Cecilia Calvo of the Office of Justice and Ecology for the Jesuit...

Living CST: Robert F. Kennedy

Prayer Service
This prayer service uses quotes from Robert F. Kennedy, a transformed leader who spent his career as a politician putting the marginalized and impoverished at the center of his policy...

November 2018: Voices for Subsidiarity

This month’s calendar offers daily reflections and actions to celebrate EFJ’s theme for the month of November 2018: Rejoice and Be Glad: Voices for Subsidiarity.

Catholic Social Thought and Politics

Fr. Fred Kammer reflects on the very relevant connection between Catholic social thought and politics in this timely resource.  

Poverty, Inc.

Film Discussion Guide
This film discussion guide helps us discern what actually helps those in poverty and what current programs, policies, and systems may be well-meaning but do not create long-term change.  

No Is Not Enough! Reflections on a Lifestyle of Resistance

In this reflection, Fr. Fred Kammer reminds us that resistance means saying “yes” to life as well as saying “no” to anything that devalues the human person.  

Forced Organ Harvesting and Falun Gong

This resource offers an insight into the cold genocide currently being carried out against Falun Gong practitioners in China. Despite official claims from the Chinese government, this resource...
Prayer for Tax Time.jpg

Prayer for Tax Time

As we approach tax time, let us pray to remember that taxes are a contribution to the common good, and we that have the responsibility to advocate for just distribution of the taxes our government...
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A Call to Organizing and Activism: Learning From the Tree of Subsidiarity

Creative Voice
Creative Voice Anthony Giancatarino offers a personal reflection on how to overcome the fatigue of community organizing through subsidiarity. He suggests that instead of “doing something for...
Code Black.jpg

Code Black

Film Discussion Guide
Code Black highlights the challenges of practicing medicine in a high-trauma zone while dealing with institutional bureaucracy. This discussion guide includes reflection questions that provide...