Ash Wednesday Cycle C Reflection

This Ash Wednesday reflection is a part of the Ignatian Solidarity Network’s 2022 Lenten series. Questions are provided to prayerfully begin this Lenten journey of justice and peace.

CST and Housing in a Time of COVID and Climate Change

Catholic Social Teaching has long taught that the right to decent housing is a fundamental human right that is necessary to promote the life and dignity of the human person. With new health and...

Prayer that All May Find a Home

As we mark World Homeless Day (October 10) and World Habitat Day (October 1), let us pray for those who do not have decent housing and the security of a home.  

World Homeless Day

This insert focuses on the importance of home for human flourishing and offers Catholic social thought on homelessness, with specific recommendations from the US Catholic Bishops on programs that...

Chasing Hope: Survivors of Suicide Loss

November 22 is International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day. Although it is extremely important to remember suicide victims and to do everything possible to prevent future suicides, it is also...

The Soloist

The Soloist is the true story of Los Angeles Times Journalist Steve Lopez and his friendship with Nathaniel Anthony Ayers, Jr. When Lopez first meets Ayers, he is playing a violin with only two...

A Story from the Streets

This two-page resource is the true story of how a man with a college education ended up homeless and on the streets in the nation's capital. Use this story for reflection and discussion.

Homelessness Unit & Overview Resource

Homelessness is a complex issue that requires not only our attention, but our compassion and action. A series of new educational resources have been created including: Understanding Homelessness...

Causes of Homelessness Activity

This critical thinking activity looks at the factors that can lead to homelessness. Using lines and arrows, connect these different factors and circumstances to demonstrate how they may lead to...

Quiz: Homelessness: How much do you know?

This quiz on homelessness provides terrific questions to test your knowledge and perceptions. This quiz looks at some commonly misunderstood facts about homelessness and includes an answer...