Prayer for the Epiphany 2021

This prayer for Epiphany invites us to open our longing hearts to the Holy Family and to recognize today's migrants as holy families. May the light of Epiphany bless us with a vision of a just and...

Migrant Workers' Rights and COVID-19

During COVID19, there has been a great deal of talk regarding essential workers. In many ways, the virus has reminded us of those workers we frequently forget or outright ignore. Learn how COVID-19...

Video: The Holy Family's Migration Journey

This guided imaginative prayer invites you to enter into the nativity story from the perspective of the Holy Family and their migration journey. Explore how this 2,000-year-old story ties to issues...

100 Days of Prayer: November 24-30

Created by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange, 100 Days of Prayer provides daily prayer intentions related to social justice issues and for the most vulnerable members of society. Use the prayers in...

Migrant and Refugee Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet & Handout
Terminology around migration is often confusing. This fact sheet explains the important nuances between terms such as migrants, forcibly displaced people, refugees, internally displaced persons, and...

Film Discussion Guide: El Deportado

“El Deportado” is a short documentary that was created as a collaboration between faculty and students at Creighton University in Omaha, NE.  The documentary provides personal testimonies of...

Migrant Prayers: Reflections from the Comedor

The Kino Border Initiative (KBI) provides services to migrant men, women, and children in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico. The prayers and scripture quotes in this document were collected from individuals...

A Prayer for World Refugee Day

This prayer, written by Fr. Leo O'Donovan, SJ of Jesuit Refugee Services USA, reflects on the hardships experienced by refugees and invites us to embody God's presence in response to these...

Signs of the Times: Migration, Women and Violence

Learn about the specific dangers women experience while migrating from Central America to the United States, and advocate to end the recently implemented "Remain in Mexico" policy.

Video: Examen on Migration

This guided examen prayer on migration expresses gratitude for the beauty of diverse people and cultures in our world. As we reflect on the migration stories of our neighbors, we pray to move beyond...
Woman Holding Stop Separating Families Sign

Prayer for Children in Immigration Detention

A prayer to end the unjust practice of holding children in immigration detention centers and to eliminate family separation at the United States border.

Prayer for Families at the Border

We pray to end the tragic, terrible nightmare of children ripped from their parents embrace at the U.S./Mexico border.