Economic Justice

Alternative Giving for Christmas 2020

Fact Sheet & Handout
This Christmas, foster a culture of peace by supporting the mission of these social justice organizations and fair trade shops.

Migrant Workers' Rights and COVID-19

During COVID19, there has been a great deal of talk regarding essential workers. In many ways, the virus has reminded us of those workers we frequently forget or outright ignore. Learn how COVID-19...

Catholic Social Teaching and Human Rights Today: A Prayer

This prayer reminds us of the interconnection between social and economic human rights and asks that every person, created in the image of God, may live fully, develop, and flourish.
Georgetown University

Reflection: Catholic Higher Education, Labor Rights, and the Economy of Exclusion

Learn about the history of labor rights in the Catholic Church and the Just Employment Policy that Georgetown University recently initiated to uphold the dignity of all workers on campus.
Hotel workers protesting with signs

Catholic Social Teaching and Unions: More Than Just Wages

This reflection uplifts the voice of one union worker and ties her story into the web of Catholic social tradition. We are called and challenged to listen to the voices of workers in our world and...
Pope Francis at Interfaith Gathering at the Vatican

Reflection: Interfaith Vatican Gathering on the "Cries of the Earth, Cries of the Poor"

Learn about the March 2019 interfaith gathering at the Vatican on the environment and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This resource includes a summary, reflection questions, suggestions to put...

Alternative Giving for Christmas 2018

Bulletin Insert
This annual bulletin insert provides a list of organizations that promote Catholic social tradition, the common good, and human dignity. Share with your family, friends, and community! Copyright ©...

CST and Those Without Choices

This resource identifies three circumstances where those who are suffering face difficult choices. Reflection questions, faith in action, and a prayer are included.  

Poverty, Inc.

Film Discussion Guide
This film discussion guide helps us discern what actually helps those in poverty and what current programs, policies, and systems may be well-meaning but do not create long-term change.  
Prayer for Child Laborers.jpg

Prayer for Child Laborers

Too many young children around the world still work, often in hazardous conditions; this prayer reminds us who some of these child laborers are and why they need our advocacy and support.  
Prayer for Tax Time.jpg

Prayer for Tax Time

As we approach tax time, let us pray to remember that taxes are a contribution to the common good, and we that have the responsibility to advocate for just distribution of the taxes our government...

Catholic Social Thought and Taxes

Fr. Kammer provides perspective on the role of taxes in light of Catholic social thought. Discussion questions, faith in action, and a prayer are included.