Prayer Service for Ukraine

Prayer Service
The Prayer Service for Ukraine is adapted from a prayer service of the Iona Community, Scotland. The prayer includes short readings and prayer intentions.

Prayer Service in a Time of War

Prayer Service
The updated version of the resource is a general prayer for peace during war, while the original resource has a special focus on the war in Iraq.

Prayer for All Veterans

In this prayer, we thank God for all veterans, for their service and sacrifice. We ask for healing and peace for all veterans who come back injured or traumatized. We ask for peace in all regions...

Dying to Live

Book Discussion Guide
Dying to Live is a book that aims to dive deeper into the world of those forced to flee home to survive, refugees, through their personal stories. This discussion guide provides questions that allow...

Living Rosary for Life

The Rosary is a traditional mode of prayer used to recall the mysteries of Jesus’ life through the life of Mary. This living rosary prayer service uses the Joyful Mysteries to pray for a variety of...

A Christmas Prayer

Phillip Berrigan's prayer serves as a reminder that the sins of war and the arms trade continue to exist and shatter the lives of God’s people and creation. Like Berrigan, let us refuse to be...

Remembering the World’s Disappeared

Creative Voice
In commemoration of the International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances (August 30), Creative Voice Jimmy Francisco Ortiz Rodríguez reflects on the impact his two uncles’...
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Prayer for Gaza

This prayer laments the ongoing conflict and bloodshed between Israelis and Palestinians and petitions the international community to bring an end to this violence.  
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The Catonsville Nine: A Call to Harmonize Faith and Action

On May 17, 2018, the peace community will commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Catonsville Action. This reflection explores the action of the nine Catholic activists who engaged with the...
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Catonsville Nine: Witnessing Peacemaking Through Active Nonviolence

Inspired by the action of the Catonsville Nine, we are called to witness peacemaking through active nonviolence in the troubled and challenging world in which we live.  
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International Conscientious Objectors Day: Remembering Those Who Resist War and Embrace Nonviolence

Prayer Service
As we celebrate International Conscientious Objector Day on May 15, we remember the lives of men and women—past and present, who have resisted and continue to resist war on the grounds of freedom...
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Prayer for Conscientious Objectors

In this prayer we remember those who are guided by their consciences to take a stand against war.