Doing Faithjustice Discussion Guide

Book Discussion Guide
In the latest edition of Doing Faithjustice, Fred Kammer S.J., a lawyer, activist, and Jesuit priest, addresses the pressing issue of human poverty and injustice amidst our consumer-driven,...

Teach Us to Be Stewards Prayer

This prayer encourages people to fight excessive consumerism and to become stewards of our earth. This prayer won the Education for Justice Earth Day contest in Spring 2023. It is written by Anna...

Ethical Purchasing and Catholic Social Teaching

Read through this Ethical Holiday Purchasing guide to better understand the decisions you make around buying—especially during the holiday season. Begin to consider workers engaged in all phases of...

An Examen for Social Media

This reflection and prayer invite us to take "a long, loving look" at the problems with social media and provides questions to prayerfully consider how we encounter beauty and brokenness in its...

Alternative Giving for Christmas 2020

Fact Sheet & Handout
This Christmas, foster a culture of peace by supporting the mission of these social justice organizations and fair trade shops.

Examen on Social Media

Social media can be used as a positive tool for justice and social change or can become an addiction or distraction if not used mindfully. This examen on social media provides space to reflect on how...
Van Jones

Discussion Guide: The Economic Injustice of Plastic

This 13-minute TED Talk, by environmental and racial justice activist Van Jones, explores the negative impact of the production, use, and disposal of plastics on the lives of the poor. The discussion...

Alternative Giving for Christmas 2018

Bulletin Insert
This annual bulletin insert provides a list of organizations that promote Catholic social tradition, the common good, and human dignity. Share with your family, friends, and community! Copyright ©...

The True Cost

This harrowing documentary tells the global story of the clothing industry and asks the question, “Who really pays the price for our clothing?” The principles of Catholic social thought and...

Alternative Giving for Christmas 2017

This year’s annual resource includes online shops to support during the holiday season that promote fair trade and support our sisters and brothers who are artisans and laborers around the...

Catholic Social Thought and Consumerism

From the beginning of the modern Catholic social thought in 1891, popes have cautioned that growing consumerism has been a threat to Human Dignity, Solidarity, the Option for the Poor, the Common...

Moving Through God’s World

As people of faith, we are called to reflect on why and how we travel. This prayer is meant to help us to do so as World Tourism Day is celebrated on September 27.