Pastoral Circle

Service and the Pastoral Circle

This simple activity uses the four moments of the Pastoral Circle (experience, analysis, reflection, and action) to guide service experiences.  

Prayer for Centering Concern

This prayer calls us to reflect on how we can be present through the Pastoral Circle to those suffering from injustice; we are called to be contemplatives in action for justice and peace.  

Introduction to the Pastoral Circle

This video introduces the four moments of the Pastoral Circle: experience, analysis, reflection, and action. The Pastoral Circle is an invaluable tool to respond to the challenges in our community,...

The Pastoral Circle

The four moments of the Pastoral Circle form the bedrock for Christian and other faith traditions around the world in responding to the challenges of communities, nations, and the world. This...
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The Center for Our Concern: Reflections on 45 Years of Research, Education, and Advocacy

Creative Voice
Center of Concern’s president, Lester A. Myers, reflects on the three moments of recollection, gratitude, and hope that provide a glimpse of the changing signs of the times that have touched the...

The Pastoral Circle - Explained

This resource is an interactive presentation explaining how to use this tool in daily life.  It's a tool that directs faith to relevant political, social, and economic events.  The pastoral...