Dignity of the Human Person

Asian American Women and Women’s History

Fact Sheet & Handout
Learn about the history of Asian American women in the United States and put this into the context of the anniversary of the spa shooting in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2021 that killed six Asian American...

World Water Day

This simple board game celebrates World Water Day (March 22). The game's objectives are to help players learn more about local and global water issues, water rights alongside Catholic Social...

Christian Peacemaking

Lesson Plan
Christian Peacemaking weaves together conflict analysis and conflict transformation skills with Gospel values to empower students to stand up for themselves and to love their enemy neighbor in...

Lenten Journey Video Prayer

A Lenten Journey Toward Easter [mepr-show if="loggedin"] Lenten Journey Toward Easter: [/mepr-show]

Webinar: Slavery, the Catholic Church, and Lessons for Today

Film Discussion Guide
In this presentation, Fr. Chris Kellerman, S.J., will explain the basics of the Catholic Church’s historical involvement with slaveholding and the Atlantic slave trade, drawing lessons from this...

Discussion on Ending the Death Penalty with Sr. Helen Prejean

This guide is for use after viewing a recorded conversation around the death penalty, hosted by Catholic Mobilizing Network. The webinar featured Sr. Helen Prejean, Ohio death row exoneree Kwame...

Quality of Life: A Consistent Ethic of Life

This is a reflection on understanding the consistent ethic of life and how we are called to see the dignity of life in everyone we encounter.

Christmas Prayer: Help Us See You

A Christmas prayer rooted in encountering others.

Ethical Purchasing and Catholic Social Teaching

Read through this Ethical Holiday Purchasing guide to better understand the decisions you make around buying—especially during the holiday season. Begin to consider workers engaged in all phases of...

IFTJ Keynote Reflections 2022

This discussion guide can be used to help break open the keynote discussions during the Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice held from October 22-23 in Washington D.C. Use this document to reflect on...

Film Discussion - Going Home Like a Shooting Star

Film Discussion Guide
This discussion guide is based on the film, Going Home Like a Shooting Star: Thea Bowman's Journey to Sainthood. The documentary focuses on the life of Servant of God Sr. Thea Bowman, an African...

We Give Thanks

We Give Thanks is a prayer that can be used for personal prayer or in your community.