Promotion of Peace, Nonviolence, and Disarmament

JRS: Prayer for Myanmar

The JRS Prayer for Myanmar uplifts prayers of justice and peace for the people of Myanmar in this time of violence and unrest. To learn more about the ongoing conflict, please...

A Prayer for Peace in Ukraine

This prayer asks the Prince of Peace to provide comfort to the people of Ukraine and that the people of Russia meet the demand for peace.

Prayer Service for the 20th Anniversary of 9/11

Prayer Service
The upcoming anniversary of 9/11 offers us an opportunity to prayerfully reflect on that tragedy and on the challenge of creating a more peaceful world in memory of those lost and wounded by the...

Prayer for the Epiphany 2021

This prayer for Epiphany invites us to open our longing hearts to the Holy Family and to recognize today's migrants as holy families. May the light of Epiphany bless us with a vision of a just and...

Just Music Playlist: Peace

The Just Music Playlist provides a list of songs with discussion questions about a particular theme. The theme for this month’s playlist is peace.

Book Review: They Will Inherit the Earth

Book Discussion Guide
In this book review and reflection, learn about  John Dear 's new book in which he explores what it means to "inherit the earth" and to be peaceful in a time characterized by climate change.

Muslim, Jewish, and Christian Prayer for Peace

This interfaith prayer calls Muslims, Jews, and Christians to join hands in friendship and to seek the way of peace together.
Dove with olive branch

Signs of the Times: From Just War to Just Peace

Read about the biblical call to follow Jesus as peacemakers and a recent meeting at the Vatican to discuss the role of peace and non-violence in the Church today.
Diverse group of faces in a circle

Prayer for Kinship and Community

During a time in which division and separation seem unavoidable, we pray that we can expand our circles of caring until no one is left in the margins.

A Christmas Prayer

Phillip Berrigan's prayer serves as a reminder that the sins of war and the arms trade continue to exist and shatter the lives of God’s people and creation. Like Berrigan, let us refuse to be...

Prayer for Advent

At Advent, we turn to the Prophet Isaiah to remind us of the Light we may partake of as we do the work of justice and peace.  

Living CST: Jimmy Carter

Prayer Service
This prayer service reminds us of the faith that has moved U.S. President Jimmy Carter to dedicate himself to human rights, global healthcare, and peace for many decades and that continues to...