Sustainable Development

Litany: So All May Eat

Catholic Social Teaching is clear that the right to food is basic for not only the survival but also the flourishing of every one of God’s children in the global human family. In this litany, we...

Earth Day 2022: Invest in Our Planet

Fact Sheet & Handout
The theme for Earth Day 2022 is Invest in Our Planet. This handout provides an overview of the theme, a prayer, and suggested resources that provide action steps you can take to care for our common...

Poverty, Inc.

Film Discussion Guide
This film discussion guide helps us discern what actually helps those in poverty and what current programs, policies, and systems may be well-meaning but do not create long-term change.  

CST and the SDGs

This collection of reflections connects themes of Catholic social thought with the Sustainable Development Goals, addressing topics such as gender equality, climate action, poverty, and...

CST and SDGs: Clean Water and Sanitation

Access to water and sanitation are fundamental human rights. This reflection identifies Catholic social teaching on the rights to water and to sanitation and provides faith in action, reflection...

CST and SDGs: Affordable and Clean Energy

As Pope Francis has declared, we must move from fossil fuels to clean energy, ensuring that those in poverty have access to clean and sustainable energy for authentic human development.

Majora Carter: Addressing Poverty through Environmental Justice and Community Restoration

Prayer Service
We offer this prayer service which offers Majora Carter as model for participation in our communities through understanding the systems and structures that shape these communities; we are called to...

CST and SDGs: Life On Land

This reflection focuses on Goal 15 of the Sustainable Development Goals: to conserve and restore the use of ecosystems such as forests, wetlands, drylands, and mountains. Reflection questions, steps...

CST and SDGs: Life Below Water

This resource discusses the threats to our world’s oceans, seas, and aquatic life and offers quotes from Pope Francis on the importance of water for human flourishing.
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CST and SDGs: Gender Equality

This resource explores the current state of gender equality in the world and the challenges that must be met for full equality.
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CST and SDGs: Work and Dignity

This reflection looks at the teachings of Popes Leo XIII, John Paul II, and Francis on work, and connects these teachings to the UN Sustainable Develop Goal related to decent work.  

Reflection: CST and SDGs: Climate Action

Both the Sustainable Development Goals and Catholic social teaching stress the importance of caring for the natural environment and ending human-caused climate change. In addition to the reflection,...