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Latest Resources

Education for Justice 2015-2016 Justice and Peace Calendar

Prepare for the upcoming 2015-2016 academic year with EFJ's annual Justice and Peace Calendar. This year gives even more listings of dates related to human rights, justice, peace,...more

A Pilgrimage of Mercy and Communion

Reflect with EFJ as we celebrate our theme for this year: A Pilgrimage of Mercy and Communion. Pause for a moment to give thanks for our common call to walk with each other in a spirit of mercy and c...more

Praying with St. Ignatius of Loyola

Reflect on the beautiful words of St. Ignatius as he offers all to God. What do you offer to God? ( Copyright © June 2015  ...more

Creative Voice: Touching Wounds; Touching Hope , by: Jean Stokan

Jean Stokan’s poetic verses and powerful images counsel that the difficult work of confronting injustices is our collective work of love. Learning to touch and move the heart is critical to growing ...more

Prayer Service to Celebrate Pope Francis’s Ecological Encyclical

To celebrate Pope Francis's new encyclical and to reflect on the tradition he is drawing from, this prayer service offers quotes from past popes on environmental concerns as well as from Francis. It e...more

Catholic Social Thought and Solidarity , by: Fred Kammer, S.J.

In this resource, Fr. Fred Kammer, S.J., looks at the history of the idea of solidarity as a core principle of Catholic Social Teaching and the reflections of our recent popes on the implications of S...more

Pope Francis: Dialogue is a Way to Peace

Pope Francis recently visited Bosnia and Herzegovina, still recovering from a bloody war two decades ago that pitted different ethnic and faith communities against each other, to proclaim that Interfa...more

Preparing for Pope Francis’s Encyclical: Caring for Creation and the Poorest Among Us

This resource features quotes by Pope Francis on the beauty of God’s creation and the Gospel call to share all the treasures of the earth with the most vulnerable members of our communities.  I...more

American Veteran: Brian Willson Pays a Price for Peace, July 4

This resource recounts the story of Brian Willson, who was converted to peacemaking when he was a soldier in Vietnam and recognized the humanity of the people he was sent to kill.  Reflection que...more

Walking the Road to Justice with Peace Pilgrim, July 18

Mildred Lisette Norman was a hiker and peace activist who began a challenging ministry as a Peace Pilgrim, walking back and forth across the U.S. for years in order to promote peace. Her own words con...more

Walking St. Ignatius’s Pathway to Justice, July 31

St. Ignatius of Loyola created a new pathway that is reflected in the many ministries that Jesuits and Jesuit volunteers engage in today. This prayer celebrates their concerns for justice and peace. C...more

Desperate Crossings , by: Dianna Ortiz, O.S.U.

This short litany focuses on the desperate desire of Africans mired in poverty to risk everything, even life itself, to migrate in dangerous boats to try to reach a better life in the developed countr...more

Film Discussion Guide: Citizenfour

The documentary, Citizenfour, follows Edward Snowden as he releases highly classified information about the United States government’s domestic spying and invasion of privacy into the lives of its...more

Prayer for Peace by Pope Francis

Pope Francis’s words make up this Prayer for Peace and help us focus on what he sees as central to peacemaking today. Copyright © June 2015  ...more

Prayer for a Renewed World

We pray with these words for a world that desires the fullness of life and renewal in the face of so much suffering. Copyright © June 2015  ...more

Court Orders Release of Nuclear Disarmament Trio

On May 16, the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ordered the release of three Catholic peace activists, overturning their conviction of sabotage. The three protesters broke into the Y-12 nuclear weapo...more

10 Things You Can Do to Care for the Earth

Dare to make a difference. 10 tips towards good stewardship. Set a stewardship goal for yourself, your family, your school community. Copyright © June 2015  ...more