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Latest Resources

Honoring the Dignity of All Workers

Global tour of today’s workers. ( Copyright © April 2015      ...more

Creative Voice: Remembering Monseñor Oscar Romero , by: Jimmy Francisco Ortiz Rodriguez

Jimmy Francisco Ortiz Rodriguez is a young Salvadoran attorney who lends his voice to reflect on the life and legacy of Monseñor Oscar Romero and contemporary El Salvador. As we honor Monseñor Romer...more

Catholic Social Thought and Wages

In this resource, Fr. Fred Kammer, S.J. looks at the Church's teaching on just wages for workers, a concept grounded in human dignity and other basic values of Catholic Social Teaching. Copyright © A...more

The Spirituality of Work: On the Condition of Labour

Human work has meaning in the eyes of God. Through work, humans share in the activity of the creator, becoming co-creators of the kingdom of God. Copyright © April 2015  ...more

Cinco de Mayo - May 5

Celebrating the Cinco de Mayo (Spanish for ‘fifth of May’) is an opportunity to explore the rich history, culture, and ethnic diversity that is the foundation of Latin Americans in the United Stat...more

Rhythms of Social Justice: The Life and Legacy of Bob Marley - Death May 11

This resource profiles Bob Marley, a world-renowned musician whose legacy continues today. Through his music, he was able to advance issues of social justice and unite people in working for justice an...more

Digna Ochoa - Birthday, May 15

This resource invites us to reflect on the life of Digna Ochoa, an attorney and human rights defender from Mexico, who was assassinated for defending victims of human rights abuses in her country. She...more

Film Discussion Guide: The Conscientious Objector

Appropriate for International Conscientious Objector’s Day, May 15. The Conscientious Objector is based on the life of Desmond Doss, a U.S. Army medic who was the first conscientious objector to be ...more

Worker’s Rights: Rooted in Gospel Dignity and Solidarity - May 1

The prayer service helps us to focus on the blessings of work and on the gifts we can bring to the greater community through our work, helping create a more just world. Copyright © April 2015  ...more

Prayer Service for Mother’s Day – May 10

This two-page ready-to-print prayer service focuses on celebrating the gifts that all mothers bring to the world. The scripture passage on the Visitation reveals Mary in touch with the world around he...more

Our Divine Work: Cosmic Preservation

Pope Francis reminds us that "work is combined with the preservation of creation." This prayer service includes readings from Scripture, CST documents, and a litany of praise to our Creator God and fo...more

Litany for Living Wage

This prayer resource helps us to pray for the dignity that is due all workers, a dignity that must be reflected in just wages and fair working conditions. Workers deserve dignity, not charity; our Chu...more

Mary, Mother of All Africa

Mary has been hailed as Mother of all Africa. In a continent rich with cultures and resources, many are impoverished and are suffering the results of war and greed. This litany is a prayer of solidari...more

Honoring the Dignity of All Workers - May 1

This short prayer reminds us that all workers, even those in the most menial jobs, have dignity in the eyes of God as well as basic God-given rights. The prayer is also available in Spanish.   Co...more

Prayer for International Families Day – May 15

This prayer asks for compassion and mercy for all families and family members as they face daily challenges; we ask that all families know love and healing. The prayer is also available in Spanish. &n...more

Prayer for Pentecost – May 24

This prayer reminds us that God’s reign is here and now, that God is a God of hope and mercy who is with us throughout human history as the Spirit was with the disciples on the first Pentecost. &nbs...more

Prayer for Missing Children – May 25

May 25 is Missing Children's Day, and this prayer asks that parents of missing children and the children lost on refugee trails and separated from parents in conflict zones, will all know hope and the...more