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Latest Resources

Lenten Reflections 2015: Ash Wednesday , by: Carlos Salinas

A clear call asks for our clear response. A journey is before us with wondrous provisions: instructions on prayer, fasting, and works. And so it begins.   Copyright © February 2015, Center of Co...more

Lenten Reflections 2015: First Sunday of Lent , by: Carlos Salinas

As the Lord lives through deep learning in the wilderness, a clown king inflicts violence on His friend. We look for psalms and springs even as we recognize puppet oppressors. Copyright © February 20...more

Lenten Reflections 2015: Second Sunday of Lent , by: Carlos Salinas

In the Mountaintop of God's many revelations to us, we explore the ways of laying down one's life for a friend. We discern the chains of oppression that we help maintain. Copyright © February 2015, C...more

Lenten Reflections 2015: Third Sunday of Lent , by: Carlos Salinas

We encounter deadly machines and structures and see that we must remember God and love one another. We make a life-giving pit stop at the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Copyright © February 2015, Cente...more

Lenten Reflections 2015: Fourth Sunday Lent , by: Carlos Salinas

Terrible suffering wherever we look, often the consequence of ignoring the Signs of the Times. Yet boundless love is before us too. We redouble our efforts. Copyright © February 2015, Center of Conce...more

Lenten Reflections 2015: Fifth Sunday of Lent , by: Carlos Salinas

We see the New Covenant but it's not only connected to love, it's connected to suffering. We must move away from ourselves and towards God. Copyright © February 2015, Center of Concern ...more

Lenten Reflections 2015: Palm Sunday , by: Carlos Salinas

We enter the Holy City. So which is it, Oh People of God: jubilation or destruction? The journey requires that we empty ourselves. We are disheartened to face brutality. Copyright © February 2015, Ce...more

Lenten Reflections 2015: Holy Thursday , by: Carlos Salinas

Holy Thursday   We enter the Luminous Palace of the Sacred Triduum where we learn how to wash feet. We re-member the Body of Christ and we celebrate an ancient freedom of re-membrance. Copyright ...more

Lenten Reflections 2015: Good Friday , by: Carlos Salinas

Evil is revealed to be cowardly and impotent before the Lord of the Dance. We walk alongside the Suffering Servant.  We cry nonetheless, just as Jesus wept.  Copyright © February 2015, Cent...more

Lenten Reflections: Holy Saturday , by: Carlos Salinas

We reenter our womb through this most sacred liturgy and renew our baptismal vows. We cross the threshold from darkness into light. We are dizzy with graces. Copyright © February 2015, Center of Conc...more

Lenten Reflections 2015: Easter Sunday , by: Carlos Salinas

We rejoice and are glad and we sit back and relax, reveling in the light. And so it begins. It is the First Day. Copyright © February 2015, Center of Concern ...more

Creative Voice: Celebrating African American History Month , by: Donna Toliver Grimes

Donna Toliver Grimes is a strong and courageous advocate for social justice. In this exclusive interview with Education for Justice, she shares her lived experiences of racism. She describes her life ...more

Valentine’s Day Reflection

As we celebrate Valentine’s Day, we are invited to reflect on the meaning of love in today’s world. ( Copyright © January 2015, Center of Concern ...more

Pope Francis: World Day of Peace Message

In his 2015 World Day of Peace Message, Pope Francis focuses on modern day slavery, including human trafficking, the condition of the lives of so many migrants and immigrants around the world, and hos...more

Fr. Kammer S.J., CST and Economic Systems

Fr. Fred Kammer, S.J., offers continued insight into the application of Catholic social tradition in his video, CST and Economic Systems. Copyright © January 2015, Center of Concern ...more

Film Discussion Guide: Selma

Selma retells the story of one of the seminal moments in the history of the Civil Rights Movement. In telling the story, the filmmakers used official FBI documents to illustrate that Dr. King and othe...more

Litany: Remembering Those Who Prepared the Land and Those Who Grew the Movement “Remembering Heroes of the Civil Movement”

As we celebrate African American History Month, it is important to give thought to some of those committed to bringing a greater measure of justice to this nation. This resource focuses not on heroes ...more