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Latest Resources

Reflection on the World's Oceans

World Oceans Day is celebrated around the world on June 8th. Pause for a moment and reflect on the beauty and the impact of human actions on  God’s oceans and marine life.

A Day in Palestine , by: Marissa Valle

This reflection offers the perspective of one American student during a day in Palestine: exploring the streets of Ramallah, speaking with young Palestinian students, and encountering the reality of t...more

Catholic Social Teaching and Migration

In this Catholic Social Teaching resource, Fr. Fred Kammer S.J. reflects on migration and migrants from the perspective of the Church's teaching. He includes quotes from the American bishops as well a...more

Prayer and Reflections from the Archbishop of Baltimore on Injustice and Violence

On May 28, 2015, Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore, Maryland, held a public mass for peace in his city, calling for calm and good-faith dialogue in the wake of violent unrest fueled by the death of...more

Students Speak Out Against Torture

This printable brochure from the Catholic Social Teaching perspective was researched, designed, and written by four high school juniors at Georgetown Visitation Prepin Washington, DC to inform other y...more

Gustavo Gutiérrez: Father of Liberation Theology

Learn more about Gustavo Gutiérrez, O.P., a Peruvian theologian who has contributed so much to our understanding of the option for the poor and its expression in Liberation Theology. Copyright © May...more

Film Discussion Guide: The Diary of Anne Frank

This film brings to life the writings of Anne Frank and her time in hiding in Amsterdam during World War II and the advance of Nazism in Europe. Anne Frank, born on June 12, 1929, braved unspeakable h...more

Mediterranean Sea: A Growing Graveyard for Migrants

This longer prayer services educates people of faith about the horrific plight of migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea. It lays out our Church's response to their quest for a life of dignity...more

Prayer Service for Refugees, June 20

The Holy Family were refugees when they fled King Herod's wrath. The service includes quotes from Catholic Social Teaching and a prayer from Pope Francis. Copyright © May 2015  ...more

Prayer Service: U.N. Day for Torture Victims and Survivors, June 26

The Prayer Service for the U.N. Day in Support of Torture Victims and Survivors reminds us that more than one hundred governments around the world still violate the dignity of human beings. We pray fo...more

Litany: Global Day of Parents, June 1

The Global Day of parents is observed on the first of June every year. We honor all parents for their selfless commitment to children. Copyright © May 2015  ...more

Refugees: The World’s Homeless, June 20

The Litany for Refugees gives us a clear picture of how many people around the world are homeless and are forced to flee violence and unjust situations. A prayer for an end to their daily suffering is...more

Pope Francis’ Prayer to Our Blessed Mother for Migrants

Pope Francis offered this prayer to Our Mother of Migrants, asking Mary to protect her lost and wandering children as they seek rest, welcome, refuge, and peace.  Copyright © May 2015  ...more

Prayer for Asylum Seekers, June 20

In this short prayer, we call on God to watch over refugees and asylum seekers: those separated from their loved ones, those who are lost, and those who have been exiled from their homes. Copyright ©...more

Prayer for Father’s Day, June 21

We give thanks for fathers around the world, recognizing and celebrating their challenging vocation in an often difficult world. Copyright © May 2015  ...more

International Widow’s Day, June 23

We ask a blessing for widows as they may journey on new paths, with gratitude for all that has been, and with the grace to find new joys in God's gift of life. Copyright © May 2015  ...more

Prayer for Earthquake Victims

The Nepal crisis reminds us that the Nepalese, too, are our sisters and brothers. We are for them the hope and visible love of God. Copyright © May 2015  ...more