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Latest Resources

The Crucified Christ in Our Midst

This reflection invites us to “take notice” of the Crucified Christ in our midst and the pressing needs, and concerns facing our sisters and brothers throughout our world.

Pax Christi International: Crisis in Syria

This resource highlights the problems related to Syria and those affected by the war. It also calls people of faith to become engaged in learning about the situation so that we can all raise our voice...more

CST with Fred Kammer, S.J.: Living the Principles

This companion to Fr. Fred Kammer's video focuses on aspects of CST includes a summary of Living the Principles and in-depth reflection questions to help readers think about how they can respond to th...more

Earth Day Reflection - April 22

The Earth Day 2015 reflection highlights this year's theme and includes supporting statements from the Catholic Social Teaching perspective. It includes a prayer for Earth Day and links to a variety o...more

McFarland, USA

This film guide offers reflection questions on the recent film about young Mexican Americans who become part of a winning high school cross-country team. The film is an excellent way to bring up quest...more

Dolores Huerta: Woman of Justice - April 10

At 85, Dolores Huerta remains a woman of vision and courage, still speaking out for migrant workers, for women, and for all those whose human dignity and human rights have not been respected. This res...more

Stations of the Cross: Reflection by Henri Nouwen

These Stations of the Cross were inspired by Fr. Henri Nouwen, who took his students to pray “Peace Stations” at a military base. As we walk the way of peace during this Lenten season, let us be m...more

Remembering Archbishop Óscar Arnulfo Romero - March 24

This prayer service commemorates the 35th anniversary of Archbishop Romero’s death and includes the readings he used during his last Mass and part of his sermon. We celebrate our newly proclaimed ma...more

Boko Haram: Nearing the Gates of Chad

In the prayer service for the victims of Boko Haram, two Carmelite sisters, who minister to those displaced by the violence that this group has caused, invite us to see more clearly what these refugee...more

Prayer Service for Earth Day - April 22

The Prayer Service for Earth Day includes readings from Scripture, Catholic Social Teaching documents, and Pope Francis on the environment. Included is a litany of praise to our Creator God and for th...more

Prayer for the Lenten Journey

This prayer is a short reminder of "the hard truth" that the journey to the Light of Easter passes through the darkness of participating in the suffering of Christ. "We travel through deserts and desp...more

Good Friday: After Noon , by: Carlos Salinas

In the prayer: After Noon, Creative Voice, Carlos Salinas invites us to experience those hours when Christ suffered on the cross. With poetic images, the author helps us to participate in witnessing t...more

Prayer: The Suffering Christ in Our World

This prayer invites us to be present to the suffering of Christ in our World as we work, wait, and pray for the fullness we know in Christ. Posted March 2015 © Center of Concern ...more

The Prayer for The Remembrance of The Holocaust – April 17

This prayer invites us to focus on the sorrow and pain of the adults and children "who walked into the fire." We ask that our remembering be a prayer for their souls and a prayer for peace.  Post...more

Prayer for the Environmental Common Good

This short prayer reminds us that we the air we breathe and the water we drink sustain us. We lament our role in harming our environment and call on our Creator to “move us into action to save our e...more

Lenten Reflections 2015: Ash Wednesday , by: Carlos Salinas

A clear call asks for our clear response. A journey is before us with wondrous provisions: instructions on prayer, fasting, and works. And so it begins.   Copyright © February 2015, Center of Co...more

Lenten Reflections 2015: First Sunday of Lent , by: Carlos Salinas

As the Lord lives through deep learning in the wilderness, a clown king inflicts violence on His friend. We look for psalms and springs even as we recognize puppet oppressors. Copyright © February 20...more