Signs of the Times

CST and the Voting Rights Struggle (2022)

The dignity of the human person demands that all citizens have the opportunity to freely exercise their right to vote. This resource provides a brief history of voting rights in the United States and...

Prayer to Begin Again

As we look to the end of the summer and prepare to begin another academic year, we pray that our spirits be renewed amid the uncertainty and anxiety in this difficult time of world crises.

Physically Distanced Service Ideas

Your usual service programs might not be feasible to do this year; however, there are still plenty of ways to provide service to your community especially through education, advocacy, and prayer. Use...

Prayer for an Uncertain Beginning to a New Academic Year

Beginning a new school year always brings excitement and challenges; however, starting school in the midst of a pandemic brings a new level of uncertainty and fear for students and teachers. This...

Prayer for These Times

During this time of uncertainty and fear, this prayers calls to God as a beacon of hope. As we long for clarity, healing, and peace, we call upon God's mercy and compassion.

Examen for Those in Quarantine

The Examen for Those in Quarantine provides space to reflect honestly and prayerfully on your experience of quarantine. Explore the challenges and graces of this time as well as the ways that this...

100 Days of Prayer: November 24-30

Created by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange, 100 Days of Prayer provides daily prayer intentions related to social justice issues and for the most vulnerable members of society. Use the prayers in...

Signs of the Times: Migration, Women and Violence

Learn about the specific dangers women experience while migrating from Central America to the United States, and advocate to end the recently implemented "Remain in Mexico" policy.
Dove with olive branch

Signs of the Times: From Just War to Just Peace

Read about the biblical call to follow Jesus as peacemakers and a recent meeting at the Vatican to discuss the role of peace and non-violence in the Church today.

Themes OF CST: The Signs of the Times

A 2018 monthly resource, “CST Themes: The Signs of the Times,” reviews both some recent challenges to social justice and recent signs of hope and connects these to themes of Catholic social...

Rejoice and Be Glad: Praying the Rosary for Global Social Justice

The Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary are a way to reflect on bringing Catholic social teaching into our daily lives.  

Responding to the Signs of the Times

A prayer on these signs reflects on what is happening today and calls us to "continuing conversion" to the way of justice and peace.