World Water Day

This simple board game celebrates World Water Day (March 22). The game's objectives are to help players learn more about local and global water issues, water rights alongside Catholic Social...

World Water Day Quiz

Use this true and false quiz about water to begin a discussion about World Water Day and water as a human right.

Video Prayer: World Water Day

This is a video adaptation of a prayer for World Water Day. The video prayer is available in English and...

A Prayer for Peace in Ukraine

This prayer asks the Prince of Peace to provide comfort to the people of Ukraine and that the people of Russia meet the demand for peace.

Dark Waters

Film Discussion Guide
Dark Waters tells the true story of lawyer Rob Biliott who defended the people of Parkersburg, WV against chemical mogul DuPont after the company knowingly poisoned the community for decades by not...

World Water Day: Water and Climate Change

World Water Day is observed each year on March 22 to highlight the importance of water as a basic need and human right. The 2020 World Water Day theme is water and climate change. Use this reflection...

CST and the SDGs

This collection of reflections connects themes of Catholic social thought with the Sustainable Development Goals, addressing topics such as gender equality, climate action, poverty, and...
Prayer_A Psalm of Water.png

A Psalm of Water

In celebration of World Water Day on March 22, this poetic prayer sings a song to God in gratitude for the gift of water.  
Film Discussion Guide_The Testimony.jpg

The Testimony

Film Discussion Guide
The Testimony film discussion guide reviews a documentary about trial in Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) of 39 soldiers charged with gang raping of hundreds of women in the village of Minova...

CST and SDGs: Clean Water and Sanitation

Access to water and sanitation are fundamental human rights. This reflection identifies Catholic social teaching on the rights to water and to sanitation and provides faith in action, reflection...

AWAKE, A Dream from Standing Rock

This discussion guide invites us to reflect on the importance of Standing Rock to Native peoples and the model they offer of dignified nonviolence.  

CST and SDGs: Life Below Water

This resource discusses the threats to our world’s oceans, seas, and aquatic life and offers quotes from Pope Francis on the importance of water for human flourishing.