Rights and Responsibilities

Education for Justice 2022 Summer Reading List

Fact Sheet & Handout
These recommendations for summer reading are organized by spiritual reading, non-fiction, and fiction. These works are connected to one or more themes of Catholic Social Teaching and highlight...

Let the Shooting End

Let the Shooting End is a prayer for an end to gun violence. This prayer was originally published by the Sisters of Mercy and is reprinted here with permission. Visit sistersofmercy.org/resources/...

Litany: So All May Eat

Catholic Social Teaching is clear that the right to food is basic for not only the survival but also the flourishing of every one of God’s children in the global human family. In this litany, we...

An Examen for Social Media

This reflection and prayer invite us to take "a long, loving look" at the problems with social media and provides questions to prayerfully consider how we encounter beauty and brokenness in its...

Lessons Plans for Fratelli Tutti

Lesson Plan
In an increasingly divided world, Pope Francis calls us to breakdown barriers through reconciliation and encounter in his new encyclical Fratelli Tutti. This guide provides lesson plans, prayer,...

John Lewis: Good Trouble

Film Discussion Guide
This film discussion guide provides questions to go along with the documentary about civil rights leader John Lewis. Topics covered include commitment to Nonviolence, voter rights, and the role of...

Book Review: They Will Inherit the Earth

Book Discussion Guide
In this book review and reflection, learn about  John Dear 's new book in which he explores what it means to "inherit the earth" and to be peaceful in a time characterized by climate change.

Examen on Social Media

Social media can be used as a positive tool for justice and social change or can become an addiction or distraction if not used mindfully. This examen on social media provides space to reflect on how...
Georgetown University

Reflection: Catholic Higher Education, Labor Rights, and the Economy of Exclusion

Learn about the history of labor rights in the Catholic Church and the Just Employment Policy that Georgetown University recently initiated to uphold the dignity of all workers on campus.
Malala Yousafzai

Prayer for the Voices of Women and Girls

A prayer that uplifts the voices of women and girls who are speaking out for solidarity around the globe and remembers the voices that are still silenced.

To Be Worthy to Live in These Times

This prayer calls each of us to reject indifference and work towards reconciliation and communion to all those who experience discrimination and injustice.