Thomas Merton, O.C.S.O.

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Thomas Merton on Love, Peace, Hope, and Joy

Prayer Service
This prayer service is based on the words of Thomas Merton, whose deepening sense of love for God led him to a dedicated concern for peace and justice and to a celebration of God’s...

Thomas Merton: On Pilgrimage

Prayer Service
This short prayer service uses Merton's own words on pilgrimage, mercy, justice, and peace, concerns which deepened as his spiritual journey led him deeper into the love of God. Copyright © 2015,...

Thomas Merton & Education of the Whole Person

Merton's thoughts on education, as they are explicitly recorded, are provocative, but brief and general. He summarized in a letter that education "means the formation of the whole person"; he...

Reflections from Thomas Merton on Gandhi's Witness

This reflection, adapted from the book, Seeds of Destruction, includes Thomas Merton's thoughts and reflections on Gandhi's life and witness.

Thomas Merton: Christian Roots of Nonviolence

This four-page resource features excerpts from Thomas Merton's essay, "Blessed are the Meek: The Christian Roots of Nonviolence." A prayer and discussion questions are included.