Economic Justice

International Development and the 2012 Elections

In an increasingly interconnected and interdependent world, our concern for the common good and human development must also extend globally. This two-page bulletin insert explores CST reflections on...

Domestic Poverty and the 2012 Elections

Amidst the heated rhetoric of the 2012 election season, people living in poverty seem all but forgotten. This bulletin insert includes updated statistics on domestic poverty, reflections from...

Option for the Poor: A Place at the Table

A Place at the Table: A Catholic Recommitment to Overcome Poverty and to Respect the Dignity of All God’s Children was issued by the USCCB in 2002. Ten years later, after a world-wide economic...

Prayer Service: United Nations Day for the Eradication of Poverty

Prayer Service
This three-page resource is a formatted, ready-to-use prayer service commemorating the UN International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.  Included is a handout of images of children, women, and...

Growing Economic Inequality Matters! Why People of Faith Should Be Concerned

Fred Kammer, SJ considers growing economic inequality in this article from the Jesuit Social Research Institute.

The Dark Knight Rises

This two-page resource looks at the third film in Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy. It includes discussion questions and a brief reflection on violence in the media.


Greg Grandin’s book provides a fascinating study of Henry Ford’s complex character, while documenting the unraveling of his utopian vision for the Amazon. This book discussion guide includes...

From Biblical Foundations to the Rights and Duties of Persons, Communities, and Nations

Twenty-five years after its publication, the U.S. Bishops’ statement Economic Justice for All continues to be powerfully relevant. The second piece of a two part resource focuses on duties, human...

Vatican Raises Concerns Over World Finance

This resource addresses the November 2011 statement by the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace on global finance. The statement calls for reform of global financial systems, and proposes a...

Margin Call

Margin Call is set in 2008, as the real estate market begins to fall apart. This discussion guide for the film considers key themes, such as the idolatry of money, and connections to Catholic Social...

Catholic Social Thought and Distributive Justice

This brief piece is an excellent conversation starter on themes such as taxation, financial assistance, and just distribution of and access to the goods of the earth.

Global Poverty Quiz

This resource tests your knowledge of poverty around the world, its impact, and some of the current causes of global poverty. Answer sheet provided.