Indigenous Rights

Atoning for the Sins Against Indigenous People

A discussion guide based on the article, "Atoning for sins against Indigenous people begins with confronting the past. Red Cloud Indian School is showing the way." The article appeared in America...

Resource List on the Relations of Indigenous Peoples and Catholics

Fact Sheet & Handout
This resource list provides suggested books, articles, and videos that teach about the legacy of colonization and the genocide of Indigenous Peoples in the United States and Canada. In particular,...

The New Teachers

The Catholic Church continues to grapple with its role in the legacy of Indigenous boarding schools and colonization. This prayer invites us to open our eyes to our colonizing ways and to the...

Easter with an Amazonian Face

Connect with global voices on climate change through Easter with an Amazonian Face, a resource created by the Inter-Religious Working Group on Extractive Industries (IRWGEI). Read reflections on...

Indigenous Peoples' Day and Catholic Social Teaching

Some states and cities in the United States are celebrating Indigenous Peoples' Day in place of Columbus Day. Learn about why communities are making this switch and how Catholic Social Teaching...

Prayer for Indigenous Peoples

This prayer invites us to promote the human rights of indigenous populations while celebrating a common global community and recognition that all of creation is sacred.  

AWAKE, A Dream from Standing Rock

This discussion guide invites us to reflect on the importance of Standing Rock to Native peoples and the model they offer of dignified nonviolence.  

Native American & Thanksgiving

This collection of revised resources celebrates the season of the harvest and Native American Heritage Month. The toolbox includes prayers, reflections on Native American history and...
Prayer For Native Peoples and For Standing Rock.jpg

Prayer for Native People and for Standing Rock

This prayer remembers and celebrates all Native American people, and calls on the global community to support efforts to reclaim their dignity and restore their sacred lands.
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Prayer for the Feast of St. Kateri Tekakwitha (July 14)

St. Kateri Tekakwitha is the first Native American saint and the patroness of ecology and the environment.

Charlene Teters: We Are Not Your Mascots

Prayer Service
Charlene Teters is an activist from the Spokane Nation who has defended the human dignity of Native peoples and led nonviolent resistance to oppose the use of Native American symbols as mascots in...

Native Americans

Prayer Service
During the month of October, we remember the gifts of Native American cultures even as we pray for the end of poverty, violence, and discrimination that are still part of many Native Americans'...