Women's Rights

A Prayer for Women's History Month

March is Women's History Month. This is a prayer of gratitude for women who embody God's joy and love. After uplifting examples of women from the Bible who have worked for justice, there is space...

Women's History Month Card

In honor of Women's History Month, print this card template to thank the women who are models for justice in your own life. Use the line at the bottom of the cover to write the name of the person...

Signs of the Times: Migration, Women and Violence

Learn about the specific dangers women experience while migrating from Central America to the United States, and advocate to end the recently implemented "Remain in Mexico" policy.

Women's History Month 2019 Calendar

Use this calendar to celebrate Women's History Month. Each day of the month, learn about a different woman's experience in her work to make the world a more just place. Then use the daily prayer and...

Fourth Sunday of Advent - December 23, 2018

The Gospel for the Fourth week of Advent celebrates the encounter between two women who carry within them the promise and the hope of Incarnated Grace; they are models for us of moving into the holy...
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One Woman’s Courage to Break the Silence Surrounding Violence against Women

Creative Voice
This interview with Catherine Teresa Harris, One Woman’s Courage to Break the Silence Surrounding Violence against Women, provides moving first-person testimony from a brave woman who has been on a...
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Light a Candle

This reflection, accompanied by music from Mary Louise Bringle and Lori True, holds up the light and power that women bring to our world. To view the reflection, click here:...
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Women in Solidarity for the Common Good

The reflection on Women in Solidarity for the Common Good explores how values of Catholic social teaching are reflected in recent women’s joint efforts to create a more just culture for all women,...
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Women in our Midst: Promoting the Right to Dignity, Truth, and Justice

This litany celebrates courageous women who are defending the human rights of the oppressed in countries around the world (March 24 is the International Day for the Right to the Truth Concerning...

Prayer to End Harassment

The Prayer to End Harassment reminds us we are all diminished when any one is disrespected, harassed, verbally or physically abused but we can all become part of the healing of victims and the...
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Prayer for Women Activists

This prayer holds up the community of women activists who use their words to defend the oppressed, marginalized, and forgotten among us.  
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March 2018: Fostering a Culture of Peace by Ending Gender-based Violence

This month's calendar offers daily reflections and actions to celebrate EFJ's theme for the month of March 2018: Fostering a Culture of Peace by Ending Gender-based Violence.