Global Poverty

Dying to Live

Book Discussion Guide
Dying to Live is a book that aims to dive deeper into the world of those forced to flee home to survive, refugees, through their personal stories. This discussion guide provides questions that allow...

CST and Those Without Choices

This resource identifies three circumstances where those who are suffering face difficult choices. Reflection questions, faith in action, and a prayer are included.  

October 2018: Voices for Those in Poverty

This month’s calendar offers daily reflections and actions to celebrate EFJ’s theme for the month of October 2018: Rejoice and Be Glad: Voices for Those in Poverty.  

A True Encounter with the Poor: Quotes on Poverty by Pope Francis

This video uses quotes from Pope Francis on the issue of global poverty. To view the artistic reflection, click here: Quotes and citations used in this video are listed in the...

Prayer that All May Find a Home

As we mark World Homeless Day (October 10) and World Habitat Day (October 1), let us pray for those who do not have decent housing and the security of a home.  

Poverty, Inc.

Film Discussion Guide
This film discussion guide helps us discern what actually helps those in poverty and what current programs, policies, and systems may be well-meaning but do not create long-term change.  

CST and the SDGs

This collection of reflections connects themes of Catholic social thought with the Sustainable Development Goals, addressing topics such as gender equality, climate action, poverty, and...
Reflection_CST Environment and Poverty.jpg

Catholic Social Tradition, the Environment, and the Option for the Poor

This reflection discusses environmental ethics and the option for the poor and vulnerable within Catholic social tradition and identifies key Church documents that addressed the environmental...
Prayer for World Health.jpg

Prayer for World Health

As we celebrate World Health Day on April 7, let us pray to follow Christ the Healer, who displayed compassion and care for all who were suffering, especially those at the margins.  

Message of His Holiness Pope Francis: First World Day of the Poor

This artistic photo reflection uses quotes from Pope Francis’s message for November 19, the First World Day of the Poor. To view the reflection, click here:  

World Day of the Poor: Encountering the Poor as a Way of Life

Prayer Service
Pray with Pope Francis as he invites us to encounter the poor in their full dignity. We are called to learn from the poor how to practice the essence of the Gospel in our lives.  
The Cry of Earth Cry of Poor_small.jpg

A Modern Day Parable: The Cry of the Earth and the Cry of the Poor

Creative Voice
Creative Voice Rhett Engelking weaves together two stories that take place centuries apart. Two men, Ciero and Malchus, sit together in a small bar in the town of Belem, Brazil and share with each...