Education for Justice resources to mark the anniversary of the Iraq War:

  • Suggestions for Marking the Anniversary of the War in Iraq:  This one-page resource contains a list of numerous ways you can observe and mark the Anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq. It combines suggestions ranging from prayer and reflection, to advocacy, to outreach to military families and the returning wounded. This resource makes a good bulletin or newsletter insert and the ideas suggested have a much longer life than simply the anniversary date itself.
  • Living the “Challenge of Peace” every day:  The 30th anniversary of the U.S. bishops’ peace pastoral comes at a time of tensions around our world. What wisdom does it bear for today’s situations?
  • Returning Soldiers Experience Trauma: An impact of war is on the emotional toll of those who fight in it. As we pause to remember the young Americans killed in Iraq, we also recognize the scars this war is leaving on the injured, both in body and in mind.
  • Prayer Service to Mark the Anniversary of the War in Iraq  This prayer service is a three-page resource to honor and remember all those who have died during the Iraq war and to pray for the end of all war. (Please note: This resource will be updated.)
  • More Education for Justice resources on the Iraq War